Fake Profile parents guide: Is the series appropriate for kids?

Perfil Falso S1Carolina Miranda in Perfil Falso S1. Cr. Renata Bolívar / Netflix © 2023 .
Perfil Falso S1Carolina Miranda in Perfil Falso S1. Cr. Renata Bolívar / Netflix © 2023 . /

Fake Profile is an intriguing Netflix original series that follows the lives of two single individuals who take a chance on love. Swiping right on one another’s profile initially seemed like something that had nothing but benefits, as they both had what the other was looking for in a person. However, when it is finally time to meet, one of them finds out that the other isn’t anything like they imagined them to be, thus beginning a journey to uncover the identity behind the profile.

Catfish stories are always a must-watch on Netflix, so you should watch Fake Profile as soon as possible. But can you stream this 2023 release with family? Or is it better to watch only with mature audiences? Here’s everything to know about the title’s parental guide.

Is Fake Profile on Netflix safe to watch with kids?

Fake Profile has a TV-MA age rating, meaning the series is geared toward viewers who are 17 years old and above. Some would argue that the title may be too mature for younger audiences since there are scenes featuring sex, drug use, and strong language.

The official trailer for Fake Profile below shows evidence of such mature situations.

If the subject matter in this Netflix original series is too much for you and your younger ones, we may have a few kid-friendly suggestions that may be perfect substitutions.

Netflix shows like Fake Profile

Mystery is one of the many genres Fake Profile belongs to. For that, we want to recommend Netflix titles like Dive ClubGreenhouse Academy, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. All these titles will keep you on the edge of your seats while also giving you a talented ensemble of who you’re sure to become huge fans. And, more importantly, these shows are all kid-friendly!

Apart from the aforementioned recommended titles, you should try out Zoey 101Di4res, and H20: Just Add Water, as these are all shows with more than enough romance for you hopeless romantics out there.

Hopefully, these titles will suffice for your younger ones! The only way to find out is to head to Netflix to stream every second. But, parents, don’t forget to stream Fake Profile when you can!

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