Does Angelina die in Manifest? (Manifest season 4 part 2 spoilers)

MANIFEST SEASON 04. Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

In season 3 of Manifest, Angelina Meyer was initially introduced to Manifesters as a troubled individual locked away by her parents due to her Callings. Michaela and Zeke rescue her, hoping to give her a fresh start. However, Angelina becomes infatuated with the Stone family, particularly Ben and Grace’s young daughter, Eden.

She believes Eden to be her guardian angel and goes to extreme lengths to prove her devotion, even setting a fire in Eden’s room. After Grace realizes the danger Angelina poses to Eden and their family, she kicks her out of the house which is a moment that does not sit well with Angelina and sends her over the edge leading Angelina to kill Grace and kidnap Eden as season 3 came to a close.

In the first part of season 4, we learn that Angelina and Eden are presumed dead after a witness reports seeing them jump off a bridge. This witness statement was corroborated by police finding Angelina’s fingerprints on the bridge and a recovered backpack, reinforcing the belief that Angelina jumped off the bridge and took Eden with her. However, no bodies are found, and we learn Angelina decided against jumping when Eden calls her “mama.”

From there, they go on the run, seeking refuge with Anna until she rejects Angelina’s false claims about Ben and they eventually find shelter at Adrian’s refuge for 828 passengers.

Across the first ten episodes of Manifest‘s final season, Angelina makes like a cockroach and manages to escape close brushes with death time and time again.

She escapes a trap set by a shelter for 828 passengers and is rescued by Adrian. When the Stones discover her and Eden at the refuge, an intense confrontation ensues and Angelina, in possession of a detonator for the refuge’s failsafe, tries to prevent Ben from taking Eden by blowing the whole place up. While she eventually pulls the trigger after Ben and company have fled the house, Angelina manages to make it out of the explosion and then goes on to cheat death multiple times afterward, evading Michaela’s gunfire, avoiding a collapsing wall, and even submerging her arm in lava.

Despite numerous close calls, she remains alive by the end of the midseason finale and there is nothing fans want more than to see her finally get her comeuppance. So does Angelina’s reign of terror finally come to an end with the final episodes of the show? Or does she make like Ted Lasso‘s Nate and manage to redeem herself in the end?

Warning: Manifest season 4 part 2 spoilers ahead. 

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Does Angelina die in Manifest?

After evading death on numerous occasions across the show, Angelina finally bites the dust — literally — in the final ten episodes of Manifest. That’s right, Angelina is among the biggest casualties in Manifest season 4 part 2 with the character dying in the series finale.

In the series finale, the fissure where Cal disappeared opens up and 828 emerges from the ground as the time comes for the passengers of Flight 828 must face their final judgment. Once the passengers have all boarded the plane — including Angelina who is carried on board by Ben — Amuta and Michaela captain the plane into the sky.

As they reach the skies, several passengers begin experiencing a loss of breath as they begin to feel the symptoms they would have felt had they died in a plane crash. It’s then that they realize their final judgment has arrived as the actions they took after Flight 828 are judged by the divine consciousness. Those who are deemed unworthy begin erupting, exploding from within and turning to dust.

While some passengers including Adrian and Eagon were able to redeem themselves, the actions Angelina took including killing Grace and kidnapping Eden sealed her fate leading to her death on the flight as she did not prove worthy. Guess she wasn’t as chosen as she thought…

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