Does Angelina die in Manifest season 4 part 1? (spoilers)

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer, Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer in Manifest Season 04. Heidi Armbruster as Noelle Meyer, Heidi Armbruster as Noelle Meyer in Manifest Season 04 Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer, Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer in Manifest Season 04. Heidi Armbruster as Noelle Meyer, Heidi Armbruster as Noelle Meyer in Manifest Season 04 Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

There are a lot of villainous figures and threats to the 828 passengers in Manifest, but few are able to hold a candle to the dastardly and devious Angelina Meyer.

When we first meet Angelina in season 3 of Manifest, she seems to be a victim having been locked away by her parents after she began experiencing Callings. Michaela discovered her about to slit her wrists out of desperation and with Zeke’s help they bring her back to the Stone home to give her a new lease on life.

Unfortunately for the Stones, Angelina takes a little too much of a liking to their perfect family. She begins copying Olive’s appearance and actions in an attempt to replace her in the family, but that’s nothing compared to the obsession she forms with Ben and Grace’s daughter Eden.

Angelina becomes convinced Eden is her guardian angel, going as far as to set a fire in her room in hopes of proving she wouldn’t allow any harm to them. After Grace realizes the danger Angelina poses, she kicks her out of the house which sends Angelina into a spiral that ultimately leads her to kill Grace and kidnap Eden as season 3 comes to a close.

Needless to say, fans were left with a lot of questions about what would come next for Angelina following her arc in season 3 and the list of questions only continues to grow as season 4 begins when it’s hinted that Angelina died sometime after taking Eden. So what exactly happened to Angelina after she killed Grace and went on the run, and does she actually die as we’re led to believe as season 4 begins?

Warning: Spoilers for Manifest season 4 part 1 ahead.

What happened to Angelina in Manifest season 4?

Early in season 4, we’re told that Angelina and Eden are presumed dead after a witness reported seeing the pair jump off a bridge. Angelina’s fingerprints are said to have been discovered on the bridge and a backpack is recovered which makes the police believe Angelina jumped off the bridge with Eden and died as a result of the jump.

Where things get complicated is that no bodies were ever discovered, which the police say is the result of the current carrying them away and making it impossible for them to be discovered. However, as we later learn, the truth is that there weren’t any bodies to discover as Angelina never jumped off the bridge with Eden.

While Angelina was going to jump off the bridge with Eden, Eden called her mama which Angelina took as a sign that Eden was indeed her guardian angel and took it as a sign not to jump. From there, Angelina goes on the run with Eden and eventually ends up staying with Anna until Anna kicks her out after realizing that Ben was not a bad man as Angelina had told her he was.

After being kicked out by Anna, Angelina seeks out a safe place to stay which leads her to a shelter for 828 passengers that ends up being a trap set. Fortunately for Angelina, a Calling leads Adrian to her and he helps her and Eden escape before providing shelter to the pair at the refuge he’s opened to help give 828 passengers a safe place to live.

It looks like Angelina will be able to hide away there for a bit, but it doesn’t take long for the Stones to discover her and Eden at the refuge which leads to an explosive encounter.

Does Angelina die in Manifest season 4?

When Angelina discovers that a failsafe has been put in place to blow up the refuge should the cops ever arrive, Angelina takes the detonator and uses it as leverage to try to stop Ben from taking Eden from her. After Ben and Eden escape the house, Cal tries to talk Angelina down but she ends up flipping the switch on the detonator and blows up the house.

We see Cal escape, but it’s hinted that Angelina died in the explosion only she did not die and escapes death once again — a feat she achieves several additional times as the season progresses.

After the explosion, we see Angelina experience a number of near-death encounters but she manages to evade death time and time again. She breaks free after her mom takes her hostage, is able to use a false Calling to prevent Michaela from shooting her, somehow avoids being crushed by a collapsing wall, and is somehow not harmed when she plunges her arm into a pit of lava thanks to the Omega Sapphire.

Needless to say, Angelina is like a cat with nine lives who just keeps finding ways to cheat death. As for whether her luck will continue in part 2 of season 4? Well, that remains to be seen, but we know Angelina will be a part of the final episodes as she is very much alive when the midseason finale comes to an end.

Manifest is streaming now on Netflix.

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