Daryl Edwards was ‘shocked’ by Manifest season 4 part 2, and you will be too! (Interview)

Daryl Edwards, Manifest interview with Netflix Life.
Daryl Edwards, Manifest interview with Netflix Life. /

Manifesters, are you ready? Manifest season 4 part 2 drops in just a few hours! Which one of you night owls are staying up late to binge-watch the last 10 episodes? The time to get the answers we’ve been asking is almost here.

We don’t have all those answers yet, and Netflix has been pretty tight-lipped on what we’re going to see. That’s why us here at Netflix Life spoke with Daryl Edwards, the serious but loyal Vance, about where Manifest season 4 part 2 picks up, what fans can expect to see, and how he was constantly “shocked” throughout the final 10 episodes and the ending.

Read on below, and be sure to scroll down to the end for the video interview as well! Plus, be sure to keep your eyes locked on our site, as we have the second part of the interview with the actor coming up after the episodes drop!

Manifest season 4 part 2
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Daryl Edwards teases Manifest season 4 part 2

*The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Netflix Life: When we get back to that first episode, it’s episode 11 of season 4. Can you give us a hint as to what we can expect to see?

Daryl Edwards: Everything is changed, everything is changed. I mean, most people remember what happened post 9/11 here in this country. We were faced with a threat, and how we responded in order to enhance our security. Well, what’s happening in the world as a result of the delayed return of Flight 828. It’s an existential threat to the entire world. And the world, particularly our government, is reacting as you would imagine. With fear and with, basically locking down the passengers of 828. And it’s done in a way that is a little bit scary because it’s what you would imagine would actually happen.

NL: Overall, what can fans expect to see in the final episodes?

Edwards: Fans can expect to see, I think just about every question that you have had building up to now answered. And I have to admit I was in a few circumstances surprised. Most circumstances pleased. But in a lot of circumstances, shocked. And I’m in the show, and I was shocked with some of the answers that you’re going to get. So I can’t wait to see the fans’ reactions. And interestingly enough, the fans take a lot of guesses amongst themselves. They’re talking and they’re guessing and some of them were right. And I would just have to laugh out loud going through the Twitter threads. I say, OK, so she actually guessed it. So the ones of you who guessed right, you can celebrate. You could be one of our writers.

NL: Did you guess how it would end?

Edwards: I did not. I had no idea. That’s one of the things that shocked me, the actual ending.

NL: Other than the ending, do you think there’s something that will surprise fans?

Edwards: There are a lot of things that are gonna surprise fans other than the ending. When I was reading the script at home, I would just scream out an exclamation. An expletive exclamation. [Laughs] And my girlfriend would come [in and ask], “What happened?” You told me not to tell you what happened. You want to see it, right? I was shocked quite a bit.

The final 10 episodes of Manifest drop Friday, June 2 on Netflix. Stay tuned to Netflix Life as we have another interview with Daryl Edwards coming up after the episodes are released!

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