J.R. Ramirez teases fans will be ‘surprised’ with Jared’s love life in Manifest season 4 part 2 (Interview)

J.R. Ramirez, Manifest interview with Netflix Life.
J.R. Ramirez, Manifest interview with Netflix Life. /

The time for the release of Manifest season 4 part 2 is almost here, and we cannot contain our excitement! Actor J.R. Ramirez, a.k.a. the ever-loyal Jared Vasquez on the Netflix series, also can’t wait for us fans to see it!

June 2 is the day we’ve all been waiting for as that’s when the final 10 episodes of the show drop on the streamer! But of course, it’s the day the passengers have been dreading as it marks their Death Date. As well as the end of the world.

We’re not quite there yet, we still have a couple of days to go. So to help tide you over, Netflix Life had the opportunity to speak with Ramirez about where we see Jared in these final batch of episodes as he teases what to expect in his character’s love life, and what he wants to say to the lovely Manifesters.

Manifest season 4 part 2 J.R. Ramirez interview

Read on below, and be sure to scroll down to the end for the video interview as well! Plus, be sure to keep your eyes locked on our site, as we have the second part of the interview with the lovely actor coming up after the episodes drop!

Manifest season 4 part 2
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

*The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Netflix Life: In these final 10 episodes, where is Jared and what’s his path and story?

J.R. Ramirez: Well, this is it. There’s a lot that happens in the last 10 [episodes]. He’s very much an intricate part of, as he’s always been, helping the [Stone family] and these passengers figure out what the heck happened to them. You know, what is this whole story about? As for his love life, fans are going to be, I say surprised because God knows I was surprised at how it all comes together. I did not see it coming at all so I’ll just say that. [Showrunner] Jeff [Rake] always finds a beautiful way to throw a million barriers in front of me to have to try to have Jared hurdle over. And these last 10 are no different. So, yeah, just prepare yourself because I think they’ve done a beautiful job at bringing this whole story together. The one thing I love so much about the last 10 is that finishing a story to this magnitude is very complicated. I always say Game of Thrones, I use it as an example because it was one of my favorite shows ever. I hated the last season. And I really doubt that people are gonna have that feeling with us because I think they did a beautiful job at tying it all in and allowing the audience to kind of fill in the blanks in a way where you are left without questions because it gives you just enough to really tug at the heartstrings.

It’s a show about humanity. We’ve been traveling a lot and it’s just like anywhere we go, it’s insane. People from all facets, all ages, all colors. People are really taking such a huge liking to the show, and it just speaks to the amazing creative staff of our showrunner. And I will also say, we wouldn’t be here without our incredible, talented, selfless, collaborative writers. Without them, there would be no Michaela, there would be no Ben, there would be no Jared. No Olive. They are through and through the backbone of the show. And they are such incredible, talented, lovely human beings. And I stand with them through and through. So this [writer’s strike] has been a tricky thing, too, but it’s a beautiful journey, too. And they’re like, “Go support and go show love and go promote the heck out of [the show].”

NL: So from what I hear you’re saying fans will be satisfied with the ending?

J.R.: I would hope so. I think that they did a really good job at giving most of the characters a happy [ending]. Some of them didn’t deserve it. They just did a really good job at showing the human[ity]. The show’s about humanity, the show’s about family, the show is about struggle and conflict and love and the difficulties of the unimaginable. When it comes to this whole ticking time bomb that they have, which is their life maybe ending. And the way that they tied it all in and the way that it ends. Reading it was very difficult. So I hope it translates on screen.

NL: Like you said, there’s a lot going on in the show. Were you able to keep up with the mythology?

J.R.: No, absolutely not. I was so lost. My parents don’t really speak English and my favorite thing of them is when they watch. Each season like every episode they’re like, “¿Qué te pasando? No entiendo.” And that means, “What the heck is happening?I don’t understand.” I’m like, I put the damn Spanish subtitles on guys, figure it out. Like at some point enough is enough. [Laughs] They love it, but they’re always lost. [But] like I said, I really, really enjoyed our ending. It was really shocking, too, because I didn’t see any of that coming, especially for my character. I had a whole other idea.

J.R. Ramirez
MANIFEST SEASON 04. J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

NL: If you were shocked, I’m sure we are going to be shocked as well. Thankfully, you were all able to come back and finish the story in big part due to the #SaveManifest campaign with the fans rallying together. So as they board this final journey, pun intended, what would you like to say to the fans?

J.R.: Well, I’ve said it over and over and over again. You guys are hands down the most loyal, dedicated, loving, too smart for your own good fans that I’ve ever encountered. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling quite a bit recently and it doesn’t matter where we go. [In] airports, I was just in the Bahamas. Anywhere you go, these people are obsessed. I was at a Knicks game and there was a couple of athletes that — I was on a show that was very popular with the Hispanic and African American races called Power for a long time. In middle of the game, the [player] stops as he’s got the ball he’s holding. He’s about to throw the ball down and he’s like, “Yo.” And I’m just like Power. He’s like Manifest. I was like, you’re watching Manifest? It’s just really resonated and connected with the entire world, and it’s because of [the fans] that we had a chance to finish the story. It’s something that doesn’t happen. It rarely happens. And we are so fortunate and blessed. And hopefully they enjoy these last 10 [episodes] and it does [the story] justice. I’m so grateful for them.

The final 10 episodes of Manifest drop Friday, June 2 on Netflix. Stay tuned to Netflix Life as we have another interview with J.R. Ramirez coming up after the episodes are released!

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