Emily in Paris season 3 recap guide: All 10 episodes explained

Emily in Paris. Lily Collins as Emily in episode 309 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Emily in Paris. Lily Collins as Emily in episode 309 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /
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Emily in Paris season 3
Emily in Paris. Lily Collins as Emily in episode 306 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Emily in Paris season 3 episode 6 recap: Ex-en-Provence

Alfie’s role in Antoine’s company becomes clear in episode 6 when he realizes how bad the business owner is with money. He’s consistently spending more than he has and never worrying about it, but that’s Alfie’s job now. Stressed about Antoine’s spending and the launch of his new fragrance, Alfie confides in Emily, who does her best to offer financial advice. But her mind is low-key focused on work because she’s Emily Cooper and she can’t totally unplug. Out a location for the McLaren event in which they’re set to introduce a limited-edition sports car, Emily is frantic trying to find a new venue. Leave it to Antonie, Sylvie’s former lover and owner of a lavish lavender field, to save the day.

Meanwhile, the other romances in Emily in Paris season 3 continue to develop. In Mindy’s world, Benoit has completely cut her off, leaving room for Nicolas to swoop in. Then there’s Camille, who pretends to be jealous about everyone but her going, but she’s busy pursuing a tryst with Sofia behind Gabriel’s back. “Are we really here to love only one person?” Sofia asks Camille later amid a conversation with her about Gabriel, who is busy playing pretend with Emily at a Michelin star restaurant near Antoine’s chateau. Pretending they’re on a date, Gabriel and Emily share a once-in-a-lifetime experience, reminding us all the romance between them never really went away.

Speaking of romances that never really went away, Sylvie’s legal husband Laurent plays a big role in episode 6, too. He shows up to the McLaren event sending Sylvie’s boyfriend into a tizzy, another love triangle situation among many in season 3 of Emily in Paris. Frustrated at her still very legal marriage, Erik leaves the event, which allows Sylvie and Laurent time to wander in the lavender fields later in the episode only to get attacked by bees and forced to strip naked.

Elsewhere amid the McLaren event, Emily discovers a convenient solution for Alfie and Antoine’s perfume problem. Despite the original batch getting botched, there’s still a way for Antoine to come out on top. After all, “scarcity creates demand.”

Riding the high of solving his perfume problem, Antoine makes another questionable money decision. He buys the McLaren sports car, which upsets Alfie until Antoine says he can drive it back to Paris for him. He does — with Emily and the receipt addressed to “such a beautiful couple” from her lunch with Gabriel in tow.