The Ultimatum: Are Lauren and Nate still together in 2023?

Lauren and Nate, The Ultimatum - Cr. Netflix
Lauren and Nate, The Ultimatum - Cr. Netflix /

The Ultimatum season 1 premiered in April 2022, and one of the couples to get engaged on the show was Lauren and Nate. Are they still together in 2023? We shared what we know about their current relationship status below.

Lauren and Nate had been together for two and a half years and entered the experiment, hoping to figure out if they were ready to take the next big step in their relationship. Both people wanted to get married in this couple’s case, but one didn’t want to have kids. Nate wanted to get married and have kids eventually, but Lauren didn’t have that same need. Having kids is a huge deal and something that typically can’t be compromised.

So, are Lauren and Nate still together? Here’s what we know.

Are Lauren and Nate from The Ultimatum still together in 2023?

Yes, Lauren and Nate are still together as of May 2023. In fact, they’re officially husband and wife. They got married on Oct. 1, 2022, in Colorado. They had an outdoor wedding with a bunch of their friends and family in attendance.

Nate shared several photos from the day of their wedding on his Instagram page. Check them out below.

When it comes to kids, Lauren explained through an Instagram post that she and Nate are looking to have a child when she turns 33 years old.

The Ultimatum: Lauren and Nate relationship journey

After filming wrapped on the first season, Lauren and Nate both traveled to Costa Rica and posted pictures on their Instagram pages. They didn’t post any pictures together, but I think it was safe to assume they were together on the trip. Lauren also left a flirty comment on one of Nate’s pictures. She said, “Thirst trap (waterfall, not you).” Nate then responded with, “don’t go chasin waterfalls babe..”

In October 2021, Lauren posted a photo of herself in Colorado on her Instagram. The caption read, “~Someone~ made us drive 45 minutes up a mountain to check out this place, buttttt…the views did not disappoint.” Even though she didn’t name who she was talking about in the caption, it’s obvious she was talking about Nate. Nate was also in Colorado at some point.

Then, in November 2021, they were confirmed to still be together when Lauren posted a cute photo of them together on her Instagram page to commemorate their three-year anniversary.

According to Lauren, Nate went to a diamond broker and had a ring made after the show ended. Then, he took Lauren to Zilker Park in Austin, Texas, and proposed to her again. They later went on a road trip through Colorado to find a wedding venue and found the perfect place. Afterward, they set a wedding date for Oct. 1, 2022.

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