The Platform 2 updates: Netflix shares new photos from the horror sequel

The sequel to the hit Spanish horror film is expected to debut later this year.
The Platform. Cr: Netflix.
The Platform. Cr: Netflix. /

In 2020, Netflix released the Spanish horror-thriller film The Platform, a disturbing tale that doubles as a social allegory. Set in a unique, vertical-style prison, prisoners in the tower are divided by floor and fed from a descending platform.

Those on the top floors can gorge themselves on as much food as they want, leaving those on lower floors with nothing but their scraps. Residents are switched to different floors each month but never know where they will end up. Spanish director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia made his directorial debut with the 2020 movie, which quickly became Netflix’s most popular Spanish film ever.

On May 11, Netflix announced that The Platform 2 is in the works with Gaztelu-Urrutia returning to direct. Details on the sequel are scarce, but here’s everything we know about it so far.

Netflix did not share a release date for the new Spanish film yet, but the fact they shared some images from the movie indicates that post-production is complete, or at least near completion. The Platform 2 will be released later this year, possibly this summer.

On April 18, Netflix released some more new photos from the film.

The Platform 2 cast

Only two cast members have been announced for The Platform 2, Milena Smit and Hovik Keuchkerian. If you watched The Snow Girl on Netflix earlier this year, you might recognize Smit as the lead character, Miren Rojo.

Smit will also star in the upcoming Spanish horror film Tin & Tina, coming to Netflix on May 26. Hovik Keuchkerian is best known for playing Ojeda in the Assassin’s Creed movie and Tabby in the HBO miniseries The Night Manager.

We also know that Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia will return to direct the sequel.

What is The Platform 2 about?

Netflix hasn’t shared much regarding the plot of the sequel just yet. On the Netflix Media Center, the only hint we’ve gotten toward the synopsis is the following:

"Do you think you can enforce justice in the hell of The Platform? And if you try, who’s going to enforce it?"

As shared in the tweet above, Netflix has revealed some more plot details, revealing that a "mysterious figure has managed to establish a new law in The Platform."

Previously, Netflix released three photos from the upcoming sequel, introducing new characters Perempuán (Milena Smit) and Zamiatín (Hovik Keuchkerian). Based on the images, we know the prison is still operating, and it looks like these two are cellmates (floormates?).

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more information on The Platform 2.

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