Heartland season 17 renewal status: Everything we know so far

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Heartland is a beloved Canadian family drama series that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide since its premiere in 2007. The show, which is based on the bestselling book series by author Lauren Brooke, follows the lives of the Bartlett-Fleming family as they navigate the challenges of running their horse ranch, Heartland, in rural Alberta.

With a loyal fanbase and an enduring legacy, many viewers are eagerly anticipating news about the show’s future. The question on everyone’s mind is whether Heartland has been renewed for a 17th season. Here’s everything we know!

Has Heartland season 17 been renewed?

Yes! Heartland season 17 is officially on its way to fans. According to a press release, production on the upcoming season began in May 2023 in Alberta, Canada. Season 17 will contain 10 episodes, which will help the series surpass the 250-episode milestone. While we will have to wait a while for season 17 to hit Netflix, the season will premiere in Canada this fall.

Heartland season 16 originally premiered on TV in October 2022 and concluded with the 15th episode in February 2023. It took nearly six months after the finale of season 15 aired for CBC to renew Heartland for the 16th season, so it’s not that shocking to know we had to wait a while for a season 17 renewal.

Those who watch the show through Netflix, however, will have to wait much longer to see season 17 season. That’s because seasons 15 and 16 aren’t on the streamer yet! Heartland season 15 arrives on Netflix on May 31, while season 16 has yet to receive a Netflix release date.

As we’ve previously reported, it’s been said by Horsey Hooves that a deal between CBC and UPTV has kept new seasons of Heartland from being added to Netflix. We’ll be keeping a close watch on the licensing and crossing our fingers the streaming service receives the new seasons sooner than later.

Heartland season 17 synopsis

As we eagerly await the forthcoming release of season 17, fans will want to know for sure what kind of wild rides and heartwarming moments are in store for us. But one thing’s for certain: the beloved family drama is guaranteed to leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, no matter what.

Check out the official synopsis for season 17, as shared by TV, Eh?:

"In Season 17, Amy (Amber Marshall) and the rest of the Heartland family know better than most that while dreams can sometimes come true, more often life takes us in unexpected directions. The new season is all about embracing the unexpected. It’s about new experiences and taking the path less traveled. In Season 17 the Bartlett-Fleming family will find themselves excited for the future and ready to embrace new adventures, challenges, and relationships. But no matter how much things may change, Amy, Lou (Michelle Morgan), Jack (Shaun Johnston), and Tim (Chris Potter) will continue to fight for what they believe in while staying rooted in the land that has been in the Bartlett-Fleming family for generations."

Sure, we might be left wondering what new storylines and twists the next season will bring. But let’s be real, Heartland has never let us down yet. From the gorgeous Alberta landscapes to the endearing characters we’ve grown to love, this show has a special place in our hearts.

We’ll keep you updated here on Netflix Life regarding Heartland season 17!

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