Netflix Welcome to Eden season 2 recaps: Episodes 1-8

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Welcome to Eden season 2


The day everyone’s been waiting on is finally here. Welcome to Eden season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix, and people aren’t wasting any time tuning in and watching the new episodes.

Season 2 kicks off right after the first season’s finale, with Zoa and Charly attempting to escape the island, but Zoa returns after she realizes her sister, Gabi, is on the latest boat coming into the island. We also saw Africa trigger some kind of satellite, sending a signal into space. There are plenty more mysteries presented in the new season as the story becomes darker and more action-packed!

Spoilers ahead for Welcome to Eden season 2

Bookmark our recap guide and follow along to find out what happens in every episode of Welcome to Eden season 2.

Welcome to Eden season 2, episode 1 recap: Hell

The Welcome to Eden season 2 premiere picks up immediately where we left off during the season 1 finale. Zoa is in the middle of the ocean, debating what to do now that she’s seen her younger sister, Gabi, arriving on the boat. She doesn’t get much time to think before Nico catches her and sedates her with a syringe to the neck. Meanwhile, Gabi, a new character named Som, and more new arrivals make their journey to Eden and party the night away, unaware of what they’ve just wandered into.

Elsewhere on the island, Brenda, Orson, and Astrid burn Ulisses’ remains. Astrid vows to find his killer and the person who, ultimately, betrayed her and their foundation. In the season 1 finale, Ibon killed Ulisses during a fight to keep him from hurting Zoa. He’s wracked with nerves and guilt over the possibility of getting caught.

When Zoa finally wakes up, she finds herself in a nearby cave with Nico. He warns her to stay away from Bel, and more or less implies he’s going to blackmail her into doing what he says unless she wants him to tell Astrid she tried escaping. Zoa tries to convince Nico she came back for him, but he’s not buying it.

Gabi receives a warm welcome to Eden. Eva sets her up in her module alongside her roommate, Som. Apparently, Astrid and Erick are very invested in Som and Gabi becoming permanent additions to Eden. Astrid doesn’t want to bring any more people to the island and feels they’re the right choices to be the final additions.

We also catch up with Africa and Charly. When we last saw Africa, she stumbled upon a secret room in Astrid and Erick’s house and triggered a transmission that led to a satellite signaling someone or something in space. She got caught, and Astrid now has Africa imprisoned in a cell.

As for Charly, he doesn’t manage to escape. He gets caught by Joel, Danae, and some of the other Eden security guards, who drag him back to the island and throw him into the cell along with Africa. It’s unclear what’s going to happen to them, but Astrid clearly wants Africa dead.

However, Erick is still sweet on her, and when he visits her in her cell, Erick promises Africa that he won’t let anyone hurt her. He also tells her about the signal. Apparently, the satellite is designed to transmit to the “New Eden,” which is what the foundation has been preparing for all along. Everything on the island is just a test run, but they’re waiting for New Eden to be ready for them.

Zoa and Gabi’s reunion is far from sweet. Zoa warns her sister that she’s just walked into hell. The good news is that Gabi was smart enough to create a fake identity, so no one knows they’re sisters. Gabi is going by the name “Molly” for now. Zoa assures her sister they’ll be getting out soon once her friend Charly returns with help, unaware that Charly has been caught.

Astrid and her security team conduct a violent raid on the modules as they look for Ulisses’ killer. Ultimately, they take Ibon, Eloy, and a few other people for questioning (torture). Danae is a new character, and she’s quite formidable. Once she has the suspects lined up, she forces them to play Russian roulette.

However, before she can pull the trigger on Eloy (which would have been fatal as his round had the bullet), Eva shows up to tell her Eloy is guilty. Eva knows Eloy didn’t do it, but because he found Ulisses’ body, it makes him an easy fall guy. Bel didn’t want to rat on Ibon because his actions saved Zoa, so Eva uses Eloy instead. Poor guy. Danae mercilessly beats Eloy after stringing him up in the stables as they try to force him to confess.

And speaking of unfortunate situations, it’s not looking good for Brenda. Unable to find Ulisses’ killer or the person using the name “Lilith” to send death threats, Astrid decides to dispose of her. She asks Joel to help her practice shooting and then uses Brenda as a moving target. With Brenda dead, Astrid makes Alma her new executioner.

Welcome to Eden episode 1 ends on a climactic and somber note, featuring a montage that shows Eloy being beaten, Eva and Joel having sex (so I guess Eva lied to Bel about barely knowing him, putting her motives into question), and Alma and Ibon trying, and failing, to have sex due to Ibon’s guilt.

Written by Maddy Lennon

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