Steven Yeun net worth (and 5 things you didn’t know about the Beef star)

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 30: Steven Yeun attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Netflix's "BEEF" at TUDUM Theater on March 30, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 30: Steven Yeun attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Netflix's "BEEF" at TUDUM Theater on March 30, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images) /

Steven Yeun is all the rage right now with his acclaimed performances in films like Minari and Nope. He also voices the lead character in the Prime Video series Invincible, and next, he’ll co-star opposite Ali Wong in Netflix’s darkly funny and deeply cathartic new series Beef.

Yeun and Wong are already garnering tremendous acclaim for their work in the show, which has earned a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes so far.

The talented South Korean actor initially rose to fame playing fan-favorite character Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead. In fact, some fans feel the show started to suffer after it infamously killed off his character. Despite it also happening in the comics, many felt the show made a mistake by following through on that particular death. But given how exciting Yeun’s career is these days, it was probably for the best he didn’t get tied down on the AMC series for too long.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the actor, keep reading to learn some fun facts, his net worth, and more!

What is Steven Yeun’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Yeun has an estimated net worth of about $5 million since his career took off post-The Walking Dead. Funnily enough, even though Yeun was one of the stars of The Walking Dead during its earlier seasons, he’s probably making much more money now than on the AMC series.

Five million seems a little low, but it’s possible that number isn’t considering some of Yeun’s recent work. In 2021, he became an Academy Award-nominated actor for his acclaimed performance in the film Minari. Hopefully, he’s on his way to getting an Emmy nom for his work in Beef on Netflix!

Who is Steven Yeun’s wife?

Steven Yeun is married to photographer Joana Pak. The pair wed in 2016 and have two children together.

Steven Yeun is a talented singer

In addition to being a talented actor, Yeun is also a great singer. You’ll even hear him sing a little in his new Netflix show Beef.

He’s an Academy Award-nominated actor

Yeun became the first Asian American actor to earn a nominee for Best Actor at the Academy Awards in 2021 for his incredible performance in the 2020 drama film Minari. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the movie yet, I highly recommend checking it out because it’s a fantastic film, and Yeun is terrific in it.

He has a degree in psychology from Kalamazoo College

Before he moved to Los Angeles to act, Yeun studied at Kalamazoo College. His parents wanted him to be a doctor, so he was on the pre-med track at school and graduated with a psychology degree and a concentration in neuroscience. However, after graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Yeun moved to Chicago and started doing improv, and became passionate about acting.

Steven Yeun previously starred on Tuca & Bertie with his Beef co-star Ali Wong

I will never miss a chance to talk about the supremely underrated series Tuca & Bertie. If you loved the Netflix adult animated series Bojack Horseman, you owe it to yourself to check out Tuca & Bertie.

The two shows are different and not related (contrary to popular belief), but Tuca & Bertie creator Lisa Hanawalt did serve as a creative designer on Bojack, so the art styles are similar, which is why people often think the two are directly connected. However, the shows share similarities beyond the art style in that they are both hilariously clever adult animated series that delve into deep topics like depression, anxiety, unresolved trauma, and more in a way that even live-action shows struggle to do.

Netflix canceled Tuca & Bertie after just one season despite the fact it was critically acclaimed, but luckily the series was picked up by Adult Swim.

Sadly, it was canceled again after season 3, but I’ll always be thankful we have at least three seasons now instead of just one! And one of the best parts of the show is the voice cast, which includes Beef co-stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun. They voiced one of the main couples on the show, Speckle (Yeun) and Bertie (Wong).

If you haven’t watched the series yet, I highly recommend it. You can check out season 1 on Netflix and the remaining two seasons on HBO Max.

His real name is not Steven Yeun

During an interview with Conan O’Brien, Yeun revealed that his parents legally changed his name to Steven after moving to America and meeting a doctor named Steven. Born in South Korea, Yeun’s birth name is Yeun Sang-yeop.

Don’t miss seeing Steven Yeun in the new Netflix series Beef, streaming now!

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