The Night Agent parents guide: How violent is the political thriller series?

The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 101 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023
The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 101 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023 /

The Night Agent is all everyone is talking about this week!

All the talk behind this show is certainly deserved, as the 2023 Netflix original series is riveting in every way. It has action, drama, and a few romantic scenes that will definitely make your heart swoon. What’s more, the cast of this new title gave nothing but extraordinary performances, making it simply impossible to look away.

Haven’t had a chance to watch to take a look at the show just yet? No worries! Check out the official trailer for the new release below.

Now that you’ve seen what you can expect, you’re probably all ready to tune in. But before you do so, let us fill you in on whether you can stream The Night Agent with family members of all ages or if you should only watch with more mature audiences.

What is The Night Agent’s age rating?

It looks like you’ll have to put on a different Netflix show for the kids because The Night Agent‘s maturity rating is TV-MA. This age rating is due to the title having scenes with plenty of violence, strong language, and intense situations involving guns and gore that may be difficult for younger audiences to stomach.

If you are an adult who is mature enough to stream every episode of the series, then you’re all set to head to Netflix. However, if you’re looking for something similar but more age-appropriate for everyone, read on to hear a few of our best recommendations.

Movies like The Night Agent

There are tons of action-packed titles available to stream on Netflix. Some of our favorites include The Gray ManUncharted, and The Adam Project. But do make sure to also check out The Woman King or any films in The Hunger Games franchise, as they are equally entertaining.

Additionally, we recommend checking out Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery if you want to watch more titles featuring amazing ensembles.

The best part about all the above titles is that they are all rated PG-13, which is perfect for everyone!

Don’t forget to head to Netflix to watch The Night Agent (and many other titles like it)!

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