You season 5 release updates, renewal, and everything we know so far

You season 4 is now totally and completely on Netflix. The season premiered on Feb. 9, 2023, but Netflix split the new season into two parts for the first time. The first three seasons were released on Netflix at one time (although the first season was released on Lifetime before Netflix got involved). You season 4 part 2 hit Netflix on March 9, 2023, and now, everyone wants to know what’s next for Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and when You season 5 is coming to Netflix.

As of Friday, March 24, we know You season 5 is officially happening! Here’s everything we know so far.

You season 5 is in the works

Netflix was excited to announce on March 24 that You season 5 is happening. The streamer took to Twitter to share a quick video along with the renewal announcement which you can see below:

The team behind You sounds, expectedly, very happy to create another season. In a Netflix press release, Sara Gamble said of the renewal:

“Making the show alongside our writers, producers, directors, cast and crew has been an honor and ridiculously fun. And I feel lucky to have worked with an artist as gifted and thoughtful as Penn Badgely. I’m proud of what we’ve all accomplished and feel privileged to pass the torch. I’m excited to watch and support the You team as they bring Joe Goldberg’s journey to its delightfully twisted conclusion.”

I’m a little surprised, not going to lie, that Netflix waited this long to renew You for season 5. Normally, we have to wait about a month or two after a show premieres until Netflix announces the renewal, but lately, we’ve been getting early renewals for a number of popular Netflix shows, including Outer Banks and a few others. Well, at least we know the show is coming back for sure now!

Will You season 5 be the final season?

Along with the announcement that You season 5 is happening, Netflix also confirmed this will mark the final season. That means we only have one more installment to go with Joe Goldberg, so it better be a good one! We would be surprised if the show lasted longer than five seasons, so this announcement isn’t anything we weren’t expecting.

Penn Badgley had already revealed that he thinks You season 5 might be the final season. Here’s what Badgley told Indie Wire:

“It feels to me like we need to do another season. It feels to me like Joe needs to get what’s coming to him, and now he has further to fall because he has all this power and wealth,” Badgley said. “But of course, that’s not up to me. I don’t know where it’s going. But to me, with this concept and with this character, we always wanted to be responsible and it’s not just the kind of thing we can let keep going because it’s doing well.

I know the creators of the show always had this next season in mind as its last, should there be another one. And then it will probably be a spectacular resolution because it feels to me like something is in the works by the very end of this season.”

So not only did Badgley say that there’s going to be another season, but he also revealed the plan was originally a five-season arc, and now, we’re at season 5.

Sera Gamble also told the New York Post that there is a plan:

“There certainly could be more,” Gamble, 39, told The Post. “We have an idea for what happens next. But, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I feel like if your show hasn’t been picked up and you write a season finale that’s only satisfying if it’s a cliffhanger – and we’ll tell you what happens on the other side – it’s tempting the gods to cancel you.”

What year is You season 5 coming out?

Something we are surprised about is that Netflix confirmed the year You season 5 will be released! According to the streamer, the final season will come out at some point in 2024. Considering that’s next year, we assume work on the script might already have started. We expect filming to begin sometime this year.

If Gamble and her team start writing season 5 soon, if they haven’t already, and then they move into production this year, we could see the new season as early as late spring or summer of 2024. Of course, this is just a prediction, so please take this with a grain of salt. We at least know that the final season is coming in 2024!

What’s next for Joe Goldberg in You season 5?

At the end of You season 4, Joe is back in New York City. Elements of his past have been revealed to the world. He’s in the limelight beside Kate Lockwood and her new company. We know Joe seems comfortable with his situation, but we know things won’t stay that way. If Joe is really the Joe we know, we know he’ll become obsessed with someone else, and he’ll have to work out that whole situation with Kate, who has seemingly accepted Joe’s serial killer and stalker past.

There are so many directions this story could go for Joe, but I think it’s definitely going to go full circle with him being back in New York and playing on our expectations of what Joe is going to do next.

You season 5 cast

We’re expecting Penn Badgley and Charlotte Ritchie to be back as Joe and Kate in season 5. There’s no doubt those two will be involved.

Outside of Badgley and Ritchie, it’s hard to say who could be back for season 5. We think there’s going to be a whole new cast for season 5 as Badgley and Ritchie’s characters settle in for life in New York City.

Could Jenna Ortega, Tati Gabrielle, and former cast return for You season 5?

There’s been so much talk about Jenna Ortega returning to You, especially after Wednesday became one of the biggest Netflix shows in history. It was revealed that Wednesday was actually the reason Ortega couldn’t return for You season 4, so there are definitely some plans to bring back her character, Ellie Alves. Wednesday season 2 is also in the works, so perhaps, that could keep Ortega out of season 5, as well.

At the end of season 4, Marienne, played by Tati Gabrielle, escapes thanks to Nadia, Amy-Leigh Hickman, who later ends up in prison. She didn’t even testify on her own behalf or reveal anything about Joe or his involvement as the “Eat the Rich” killer. So, that’s three people who are still alive who directly know about Joe’s past.

But, the list of people who know what Joe has been doing is growing. We have the Quinn family, Theo (Dylan Arnold), Matthew (Scott Speedman), Sherry and Cary Conrad (Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle), and Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor) who all have a history with Joe. With a little help from Ellie, Marienne, and Nadia, Joe’s past could come back to bite him in season 5. I hope it does!

That’s basically all we know about You season 5 so far. It’s on the list of the best Netflix shows right now. If you need more recommendations, check out the list. Stay tuned for more news about the hit series!