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The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023
The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023 /
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Gabriel Basso - The Night Agent
The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The Night Agent episode 10 recap: Fathers

The Night Agent season finale begins with a flashback to 11 years ago. Peter and his dad are playing basketball in the driveway when agents show up to search their house and take their phones. A teenager, Peter’s understandably furious with the agents being accusatory toward his father. Some things haven’t changed.

Peter holds a gun to Farr as she drives them to Camp David. She assures Peter that she didn’t know about metro bombing until after, when Redfield and Wick pulled her in for the cover up. He’s not buying her excuses. She continues by stating that if Travers hadn’t ordered a Night Action, none of this would have happened. But because the Campbells met with Zadar, they assumed they told Zadar he was the real target of the metro bombing. They needed to shut down the Campbells’ investigation. Peter realizes Farr wanted to use him as her Night Action puppet and fall guy, and Rose calls out Farr for being selfish. It’s a tense car ride.

Chelsea chats with the new agents on the plane, and she’s smart enough to have sussed out that they don’t know their stuff. Something’s off, but something’s always been off — her eyes are just open to it now. Chelsea’s still cut off from comms, but she instructs Maddie to tell Travers she’s in danger during their one-on-one meeting. Unfortunately, Redfield doesn’t take Maddie to see the President. He takes Maddie behind a secret wall into a bunker. Of course, Redfield tries to play up an apology about Sarah, but Maddie’s wise to his tricks.

Once Farr sneaks Peter and Rose past the gate guards by hiding them in the trunk, Farr marches into Camp David and argues with her old pal Almora. While demanding to warn the President, Briggs enters the room and shoots both her and Almora, the latter of whom doesn’t make it. Peter and Rose leave the trunk before they’re told to, leading Rose to get comms back up and running. Unfortunately, with news of their arrival spreading, the clock has been set for the explosion in 10 minutes, after which Wick flees the country. Chelsea attacks the new guard, steals his gun and smartwatch, and searches for the bomb.

Here’s where the finale really goes full throttle! Peter and Sarah make it to the communications building to fix comms, and its agent attempts to kill Peter with a knife. He and Rose fight back and take out the agent. Peter hears word on the dead agent’s walkie that there’s a contingency bomb planned in the event the first one doesn’t take out the targets.

Chelsea locates the case holding the bomb with three minutes to spare and urges those in the lodge to immediately evacuate. Meanwhile, Maddie convinces her dad to let her leave the bunker, unwilling to keep more of his secrets. As Peter takes out Briggs, Rose reinstates communications between the Secret Service, allowing Chelsea to call in the threat, which helps divert the President from the attack. Chelsea rushes back into the lodge to save Maddie just before the explosion.

The Secret Service rushes President Travers into a car, and Peter hears over Briggs’ comms that she’s being diverted to the contingency plan on Marine One. Before the Secret Service can shuffle Travers into the helicopter, Peter grabs her at gunpoint and forces the agents to search the helicopter and turn off the engine. Although he’s holding a gun to the President, Peter insists that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and that he loves his country. He’s one of the only true patriots in this show, to be honest!

As expected, the helicopter explodes, and Peter’s handcuffed even though he saved the President’s life. When Rose rushes to his side, the first thing he does is ask if she’s okay.

Agents “rescue” Redfield from the bunker, and he plays up the scared and concerned father act really well. But then, boom: Chelsea appears to delivers the news that they’re all still arrive. Maddie struts in to add insult to injury. In the lodge, Rose confronts a wounded Farr. Rose vows to watch Farr clear Peter’s name and expresses her glee for her impending jail sentence and eventual death.

Presumably days or so later, Peter and Rose meet with the President at the White House. The pair appear to be keeping a low profile because of the feared public reaction. Travers wants to be able to publicly thank him and pin a medal on him, but he merely asks for the truth about his father.

Since the attack, Chelsea has been on leave. While talking with Almora’s replacement, she agrees to speak at Erik’s funeral, and she’s offered a position on the President’s detail. Even though she says she needs to think about it, she immediately accepts. After, she meets Maddie for coffee, who has since turned down protection and now wants to learn how to take care of herself. Instead of going back to school, she’s planning to travel through Europe.

In the Night Action room, Peter watches a video of his father’s questioning. In the video, his dad admits that he was offered payment for information, which ultimately led to pentagon breach. In that moment, Peter believes that his dad was guilty. When he leaves the Night Action room, the President explains that his father was cooperating on tape because he had agreed to be a double agent. Peter Sr. was prepping for deployment, but the plan backfired when he was killed by a foreign assassin to stop him from helping the US. The assassin who killed his father was also killed, and Travers insists the public will never learn this truth.

Of course, Peter presses on and asks Travers who killed his father. Sure, there are additional things she would like to tell him because it would put him in a position to help the country. She wants to get him out of the Night Action room and make him an official Night Agent. The episode ends with Rose escorting Peter to his plane on the tarmac, and they kiss before he departs for his first mission. To the tune of “Heroes” by Gang of Youths, Peter reads his mission brief. Off to be an official hero, to save more lives, and to come back home to Rose.

Written by Reed Gaudens

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