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The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023
The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023 /
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The Night Agent
The Night Agent. (L to R) Toby Levins as Briggs, Fola Evans-Akingbola as Chelsea Arrington, Sarah Desjardins as Maddie Redfield, Christopher Shyer as VP Redfield in episode 109 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023 /

The Night Agent episode 9 recap: The Devil We Know

Perhaps the most telling flashback of the series, The Night Agent episode 9 opens with a look at one year earlier, as Farr learns about the metro bombing. Suddenly, Redfield and Wick pull her into the mess, knowing she will do whatever it takes to keep it hush hush because of her loyalty to POTUS. In a moment alone, Farr silently breaks down before rejoining Redfield and Wick and rallying with a game plan to cover up the failed bombing.

Back at the shipping yard, Rose steals Ellen’s phone and answers it when Wick calls. (Girl, why?!) Because her answers aren’t gelling with what Wick knows of Ellen, it tips him off. With the police heading to the scene of the crime, the group comes up with a plan after explaining to Maddie that her father tried to kill Omar Zadar but then blamed him for the bombing when it failed. Peter and Rose leave the scene to search for “undeniable evidence” in order for Maddie and Chelsea to help from the inside.

Farr delivers the news of the shootout at the container depot to Redfield and Wick, also sharing that Maddie was found alive. They are still planning to follow through with the new attack on Zadar as soon as his plane lands. The pressure is getting to them, and the tides are shifting against Farr.

Peter and Rose go to his godfather Jim’s house, and in spite of their estrangement, he lets them right in and offers them hospitality. Rose immediately starts digging into Ellen’s phone before taking a shower. Jim tells Peter the evidence they have is circumstantial, that they need something more foolproof. Naturally, they argue and clear the air about Peter’s dad, which they remain on opposite sides of for now. Rose cracked the phone and discovers photos of agents, the Campbells, the Night Action binder — all taken in the Night Action room. Although they suspect Farr, they need to see the access logs to confirm whose badge was scanned to get into the room. They use Jim’s truck on the next leg of their mission.

While Maddie feels guilty for Erik’s death, Chelsea’s surprised to see Briggs on scene rather than Almora. Sketchy! As she anticipated, Briggs takes Chelsea’s badge, gun, and phone until after-action. They are both understandably concerned about what’s going on. Back at the White House, they plan to steal an old cell phone to warn agents about the upcoming attack on Zadar.

While Maddie’s father exhausts his latest attempt at gaslighting her, Chelsea’s meeting with Willett and Farr leaves Farr doubting her statement on the events. She denies Peter Sutherland’s involvement, and Farr tries to steamroll her to make her narrative work. However, Willett must look further into Maddie’s video and Matteo. It’s all crumbling in on Farr. You love to see it!

As they wait for White House employee Valerie, Peter and Rose talk about what’s next after it’s all over. She wants to go back to California, while Peter dreams of maybe escaping to a cabin in California. It’s clear that they want to be together. Once they stalk Valerie into her home, they force her to send an email requesting the access log for the Night Action room. Peter ties her up with tape and explains to her the truth of what’s going on. (She seems more annoyed than scared, to be honest.) Rose spots an email Valerie sent earlier that day trying to figure out why Farr was barred from the President’s Zadar briefing.

Chelsea does some espionage of her own at the White House and sneaks a look at Almora’s calendar and compares it to Osprey’s (who is, of course, Zadar). Almora’s in Camp David, while Zadar’s at Blair House. The math isn’t mathing for Chelsea. It’s not mathing either for Farr and Redfield, who know Chelsea and Maddie aren’t sharing everything. While sneaking back to her room after grabbing the old phone, Maddie overhears her dad speaking with Wick, mentioning handing out pardons — something only a president can do.

Peter and Rose have the access logs and confirm Farr was taking pictures of the Night Action binder, which they send to Jim as undeniable evidence that links Farr to the murder of the Campbells. While checking in with Chelsea, they realize Redfield and co. are sending Zadar to Camp David with the President. They withheld Zadar’s location from the calendar to keep Farr in the dark. Peter, Rose, Madde, and Chelsea keep connecting the dots until the final dot connects: It’s an assassination of Zadar and the President.

When Zadar lands and gets in the car, it doesn’t blow up. There’s the confirmation that his attack his been rescheduled. Chelsea and Maddie travel with Redfield to Camp David, and Chelsea takes note of new agents she’s never seen before carrying big black briefcases.

Farr returns home from a long day of being shut out by her colleagues to retrieve money and a passport out of her safe. But before she can flee, Peter and Rose appear behind her. They want her to have Redfield and Wick call off the assassination, but she didn’t know anything about the plan to kill Travers. She admits that she knew the attack on Zadar was supposed to happen when his plane landed, but she’s since been cut out. Peter’s not done with her just yet.

Written by Reed Gaudens