Shadow and Bone season 2 soundtrack

Shadow and Bone season 2 is finally here, and fans (including myself) could not be more excited to see Alina, Kaz, Mal, Inej, and Jesper on our screens again. And to see how they all deal with the return of The Darkling.

We also meet a bunch of new characters this season, including Wylan, Nikolai, Tolya, and Tamar. If you’ve read the Shadow and Bone or Six of Crows books, you are very familiar with these characters and likely very excited to see how they appear in the show. Based on the clips that have been released, Wylan looks perfect. Just like his character in the books.

But along with new characters and a complex storyline, we’ll also be getting a new soundtrack to go with the new season.

Shadow and Bone season 2 musical score

The entire soundtrack has been composed by Joseph Trapenese. He’s composed music for the season 1 soundtrack as well as music for The Witcher season 2, Are You Afraid of the Dark? season 1, Project Power, and Spiderhead. Clearly, his music is probably very familiar if you’ve been watching Netflix lately.

Shadow and Bone season 2 tracklist

The soundtrack consists of 29 instrumental tracks and is an hour and 44 minutes long.

Some of the new characters have their own theme songs, including Wylan, Tolya, and Tamar. There are also instrumental songs for major plot points like “Crows Ambushed”, “Jesper’s Past”, “Matthias Fights”, and “Final Goodbye.”

Check out the full tracklist here:

  • “On the Run” (3:42)
  • “Market Chase” (2:49)
  • “Tolya and Tamar” (2:14)
  • “Wylan” (2:28)
  • “Come Sail Away” (2:03)
  • “Brother” (1:47)
  • “Arriving at the Island” (1:09)
  • “Crows Ambushed” (2:27)
  • “Return of the Useless Grunt” (1:25)
  • “I’m Here for the Killers” (2:16)
  • “Matthias Fights” (4:22)
  • “The Night We Met” (2:01)
  • “Become the Blade” (7:55)
  • “Jesper’s Past” (1:10)
  • “Hope is Dangerous” (2:24)
  • “Shu Han” (5:18)
  • “The Disciple” (7:00)
  • “I Can’t Lose You” (4:35)
  • “Deserve Her” (3:59)
  • “Chased” (5:13)
  • “Battle at the Moat” (5:47)
  • “Stronger Than an Emerald” (1:50)
  • “We Can Do This” (5:55)
  • “Final Goodbye” (3:19)
  • “Let Me Be Your Monster” (3:51)
  • “Loss ad Sacrifice” (3:19)
  • “Hope for the Future” (2:48)
  • “How Will You Have Me” (4:30)
  • “Rise and Fall” (6:15)

You can check out the full soundtrack wherever your stream your music and add your favorites to your next playlist. For more updates on everything to do with Shadow and Bone on Netflix, make sure to keep up with Netflix Life.