Netflix Outlast: Which team wins on Outlast?

Outlast. (L to R) Amber Asay, Jill Ashock and Justin Court in Episode 3 of Outlast. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Outlast. (L to R) Amber Asay, Jill Ashock and Justin Court in Episode 3 of Outlast. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Could you survive for weeks in the Alaskan wilderness by hunting and hunkering down in makeshift tents and shelters? That’s what the 16 contestants on Netflix’s new survival reality competition series Outlast must try and do when they get dropped off in the beautiful-yet-dangerous region with one goal in mind: outlast the others.

The main twist in this game is that the contestants cannot compete as individuals. They have to be part of a team to win, meaning if they lose all their teammates or get kicked off their team, they have to join another one or leave the competition.

To exit the game, contestants must shoot a flare gun and get picked up by a helicopter. It doesn’t take long for people to start tapping out after they realize nights in the freezing Alaskan climate are no laughing matter.

Spoilers ahead for how Outlast ends and the winning team

If you’re curious to discover why specific contestants leave or to learn which team ultimately wins the competition and the $1 million prize, keep reading to find out how Outlast ends.

Netflix Outlast: Which contestants tap out?

Within the first few days, a couple of competitors leave. Andrea gets sick almost immediately and taps out, followed swiftly by Tim and Corey who are gone after they experience their first brutal night in the cold. Next goes Lee and then Jordan, who passes out after facing severe hunger and goes home.

With Jordan gone, Paul bails on Delta Camp for Charlie Camp without even telling his team he’s leaving. It’s the old “Irish goodbye,” as they say. Shortly after Paul moves from one team to the other, things take a nasty turn as Alpha Camp starts playing dirty by stealing Delta’s sleeping bags. Brian doesn’t like the cheating and decides to leave.

Brian is followed by the remaining members of Delta Camp, Dawn and Joel, who also feel that the dirty tactics aren’t fun and don’t want to be part of it. Left without a team, Javier tries to join Charlie Camp, but they decline his offer. Without a team, Javier must go home. Then Angie leaves after getting sick.

Netflix Outlast: Which team wins?

The final two teams left competing at the end of Outlast season 1 are Charlie Camp and Alpha Camp. Only Amber and Jill are left on Alpha at the end, while Charlie is comprised of Seth, Nick, and Paul. If you recall, Paul defected from Delta Camp to Charlie, while Nick and Seth were part of Charlie from the start. Their other team member, Angie, got sick with a bowel obstruction and had to leave the competition.

Amber, Jill, and Justin were members of Alpha from the start of the game. Their fourth teammate, the retired marine Lee, left early in the competition. But tensions rose between Amber, Jill, and Justin toward the end, causing him to leave them for Charlie.

However, on his way out, Justin sabotaged Jill and Amber’s shelter, which was a significant turn-off for Charlie, who has been adamant about wanting to play a clean game since the beginning. They parted ways with Justin, who shot his flare and left the competition.

Ultimately, the final challenge pits Amber/Jill against Seth/Nick/Paul as they race across an obstacle-laden trek to get to the last drop-off, containing the $1 million cash prize.

Charlie Camp ultimately wins, so the three guys beat Amber and Jill for the win.

What did you think of how Netflix’s Outlast ended? Are you happy with the winning team?

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