Netflix Outlast cast: Meet the cast of this survival reality series

Outlast. Jill Ashock in Episode 5 of Outlast. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Outlast. Jill Ashock in Episode 5 of Outlast. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

What would you do if you were sent to survive in the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but your wits and some basic supplies to get by? That’s what 16 contestants must contend with on the new Netflix reality show Outlast, similar in content to the History Channel’s survival competition show Alone. The main difference between the two is that Outlast is all about teams working together to outlast the others.

Part of the challenge these contestants face is that they have to work on a team to win. No individual can take the prize alone; they must be part of a team. Of course, contestants were chosen specifically for their lone wolf attributes, so it won’t be easy. The last team standing has the chance of winning a $1 million prize, so it’s no laughing matter for these competitors.

Netflix Outlast cast

We don’t learn much about the cast upfront, but as the show progresses and team members drop off like flies, we uncover more about the remaining competitors. Below you can get a brief overview of the contestants and their original starting teams. But keep in mind that teams change throughout the eight episodes, so this is just a look at where things stand as of episode 1.

Also, part of the game is that the teams can change, so you’ll have to watch and see what happens!

Outlast Alpha Camp

  • Amber has a tragic backstory as a recovering heroin addict and former felon. She works as a yoga instructor in Arizona.
  • Jill is a private investigator from Kentucky and is proud of being her own boss.
  • Justin is a blacksmith from Kentucky.
  • Lee is a retired marine from Montana.

Outlast Bravo Camp

  • Brian is a construction worker from Florida.
  • Corey works as a bartender in Colorado.
  • Tim is currently unemployed, and he’s from Colorado.
  • Javier is a true lone wolf and a nomad from Ohio. He works as a handyman.

Outlast Charlie Camp

  • Andrea is an engineer from North Carolina.
  • Angie was a military brat as a kid, often moving around a lot. She works as a vacation planner in Texas.
  • Seth is an electrician from Virginia.
  • Nick is a wrestling coach from Florida

Outlast Delta Camp

  • Joel works as a biomedical engineer in Indiana.
  • Paul is a mining specialist from Tennessee.
  • Jordan works as a construction worker in Colorado.
  • Dawn is a Washington-based rancher, raised around plenty of horses.

Which team are you rooting for to win?

Don’t miss out on seeing the cast in action when Outlast premieres on Friday, March 10. Who will make it to the end, and who will tap out before time is up?

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