Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel: Will there be another Luther movie on Netflix?

Luther: The Fallen Sun. Idris Elba as John Luther in Luther: The Fallen Sun. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix © 2023
Luther: The Fallen Sun. Idris Elba as John Luther in Luther: The Fallen Sun. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix © 2023 /

Luther: The Fallen Sun is finally streaming on Netflix, and everyone’s watching and talking about it. If you have already watched the crime thriller, you’re probably wondering if a second film will be coming out in the future. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we shared everything we know about a potential Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel below.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is a movie continuation of the award-winning television series Luther. It stars Idris Elba as now former detective John Luther. As Luther sits behind bars, a serial killer from his past terrorizes the city of London. Determined to capture and take down said serial killer, Luther breaks out of prison and stops at nothing to finish the job.

Besides Elba, the cast includes Cynthia Erivo, Dermot Crowley, Andy Serkis, Thomas Coombes, Hattie Morahan, Lauryn Ajufo, Vincent Regan, Henry Hereford, and many others.

A lot happens in this action-packed movie, and with how everything ended, viewers can’t help but wonder if the story will continue in a sequel. So, is a Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel in the works? Here’s what we know.

Will there be a Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel?

As of March 10, Netflix nor the creative team behind the crime thriller have announced if there will be a Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel. Don’t start panicking, though. There isn’t a cause for concern just yet.

Since the film just came out, it’ll likely be a while before the streaming giant reveals its decision. Netflix needs to see how many people watch the movie in a certain time period before deciding whether it wants to go through with a sequel.

Typically, Netflix looks at how many people watch a movie in its first month on the platform. Once the streamer tallies up the viewing hours, it will make its decision from there. If the viewing hours are high enough to Netflix’s standards, another Luther movie will likely receive the green light. Of course, other factors such as critical acclaim and production costs, play a part in Netflix’s decision-making process. But viewing hours are the most important.

Since Luther: The Fallen Sun ends on a cliffhanger, it’s obvious the writers are hoping to get the opportunity to continue the story in a sequel. In fact, Luther original creator Neil Cross spoke with EW and shared that there are plans for additional movies.

"“We’re moving Luther into bigger stories, spaces, and worlds, into more operatic backgrounds. Whatever we do there’s always going to be a sense of forward movement and doing things we haven’t done before. There are characters that will return to the world of Luther if we move forward.”"

So if you want to see a Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel or many more Luther movies, make sure to tell everyone you know about the crime thriller to better the chances of this happening.

Will there be a new season of Luther?

Unfortunately, there will not be a Luther season 6 like everyone had hoped. Actually, the show will not be coming back at all, according to Neil Cross. Cross spoke with Newsweek and said, “There will never be another TV show.” This might be sad news for fans, but we won’t have to say goodbye to the Luther world for good if tons of people watch the film. The story would just continue in additional movies.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for updates on a potential Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel!

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