Who is Phoebe’s stalker in You season 4 part 2?

You. Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe in episode 405 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
You. Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe in episode 405 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

You season 4 part 2 is finally out, and a lot happens in the second and final part of the season. While part 2 mainly focuses on Joe trying to stop the Eat The Rich killer, Phoebe also has a juicy storyline. The aristocratic socialite finds out she has a stalker, and it’s who we least expected.

Spoilers ahead from You season 4 part 2. 

In episode 6, Phoebe speaks to Adam about her fears of someone following her, but Adam pretty much brushes her off and suggests she stay with him for a while. Later at Kate’s charity event, Kate tries to reassure Phoebe that police will be watching over them at the event, but Phoebe remains paranoid. She even brings up her fears to Joe, who is focused on finding a person to frame for Rhys’s murders.

We don’t find out who Phoebe’s stalker is until later in the episode, and it’s someone we’ve already been introduced to this season. So, who’s been stalking Lady Phoebe? We answered this burning question below.

Who is Phoebe’s stalker in You season 4 part 2?

Remember the photographer who was taking photos of Joe at Rhys’s press conference at the beginning of the episode? Well, she’s Phoebe’s stalker and her name is Dawn. She also appeared in an earlier episode from part 1 and was watching Joe.

In episode 6, Dawn pretends to be a waitress at Kate’s charity event to get close to Phoebe. Once Dawn catches Phoebe alone, she approaches her. She explains to Phoebe that the police asked her to escort her to a safe room. Phoebe doesn’t hesitate to go with her.

As they’re about to get on the elevator, Nadia approaches them and asks Phoebe for a photo together. Dawn tells Nadia Phoebe is unable to take a picture, and they enter the elevator. Nadia stares at them suspiciously as the elevator doors close. She then tells Joe about what happened, and Joe goes to search for Phoebe.

Meanwhile, in a hotel room upstairs, Dawn reveals to Phoebe that the police aren’t actually looking for her. She explains to Phoebe that this was her plan to get her to come upstairs so that she could protect her from the killer. Then, she gets up to put a padlock on the hotel door so that no one can get in. This frightens Phoebe, but it isn’t until Dawn mentions she and Phoebe have matching tattoos that Phoebe is confident Dawn is her stalker.

Joe finally finds where Phoebe is and knocks on the door. Dawn doesn’t want to let him in, but Phoebe manages to convince her. Once Joe walks through the door, Dawn immediately recognizes who he is. At this moment, we find out why Dawn was watching Joe. She was watching him because she thought he would harm Phoebe.

Joe tries to get Dawn to put the knife in her hand down and let Phoebe go, but she doesn’t listen to him. Instead, she attempts to charge at Joe with the knife but Phoebe grabs it. Then the police burst through the door and grabs Dawn. As they check her bag, they find Simon’s decomposed ear. This is when we find out that Joe chose to frame Dawn for Rhys’s murders. Then, Dawn is arrested for the murders of Malcolm, Simon, and Gemma and taken away by police. After that, we don’t see Dawn again in the fourth season.

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