Who dies in You season 4 part 2? (spoilers)

You. (L to R) Ed Speleers as Rhys, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
You. (L to R) Ed Speleers as Rhys, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

You is back with the second and final part of its fourth season, and people aren’t wasting any time binging their way through the new episodes. In You season 4 part 2, Joe is set on taking down the Eat The Rich killer for good, but it’s not an easy task when said killer is well-known and well-liked by most of London.

There were several character deaths in part 1, and we knew there would be more in part 2 since the killer was still on the loose. But what was most surprising in You season 4 part 2 was the plot twist involving who the Eat The Rich killer really was.

Spoilers from You season 4 part 2 ahead.

We find out in episode 8 that Rhys isn’t the killer. Joe was committing the murders all along. This means he killed Malcolm, Simon, Vic, and Gemma. Honestly, this was shocking because in part 1, Joe seemed to be working hard to rid himself of his dark ways. He even tells Marienne on the stairwell that he’ll prove to her he’s a changed man. So how did he end up falling back into his old ways?

Well, it started when he kidnapped Marienne. In part 1, we were led to believe Joe let Marienne get on her train to Paris. But we find out in part 2 that he actually abducted Marienne and locked her up in a glass cage in an abandoned building. This was the first sign Joe hadn’t changed. Then, he started killing off members of the privileged friend group one by one. What’s the reasoning for Joe kidnapping Marienne and the killing spree? He’s mentally unstable.

Joe wanted to rid himself of his dark ways so badly that he imagined the person he admired the most, Rhys, was committing the murders instead. He doesn’t realize he’s the actual killer until he kills Rhys. But who else dies in part 2? Find out below.

Who dies in You season 4 part 2?

Here are the character deaths in You season 4 part 2:

  • Rhys Montrose – Joe murders Rhys in episode 7. Joe arrives at Rhys’s ex-wife’s house and holds Rhys hostage to get information out of him about Marienne’s whereabouts. After Rhys explains to Joe that he doesn’t know who Marienne is and where she could be, Joe becomes enraged and strangles him to death.
  • Adam Pratt – Tom Lockwood hires hitmen to torture and then kill Adam in episode 9.
  • Hugo (Tom Lockwood’s bodyguard) – Joe repeatedly stabs Hugo in the neck with a knife, ultimately killing him in episode 10.
  • Tom Lockwood – Joe suffocates Tom to death by putting a bag over his head in episode 10.
  • Edward – Joe murders Edward in episode 10. His murder appears off-screen, but Joe kills him by slashing his throat with a knife.

The complete fourth season of You is streaming on Netflix.

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