How many One Piece seasons are on Netflix?

One Piece Wano Arc - Photo Courtesy: Crunchyroll
One Piece Wano Arc - Photo Courtesy: Crunchyroll /

One Piece is one of the most popular anime series on Netflix, and obviously, fans are eager to watch as much of the anime before Netflix’s live-action One Piece is released.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch the full One Piece series on Netflix right now. We’re hoping that changes in the future, though.

If you’re looking to get caught up on One Piece before Netflix releases its series, we shared everything you need to know below.

How many One Piece seasons are there?

Technically, One Piece is in the middle of its 20th season! The most recent episode was released on Feb. 26, 2023.

So far, there are 1,053 episodes of One Piece. That’s a lot of episodes to watch to catch up, but if you really put your mind to it, it’s doable. Will it be before Netflix’s One Piece comes out? That remains to be seen.

How many seasons of One Piece are on Netflix?

According to Netflix, there are 13 seasons of One Piece available to stream on Netflix. That’s not totally accurate, though.

There are 325 episodes available to stream on Netflix right now, but when you actually look at the One Piece seasons, that’s the episode count for less than nine total seasons of the series. Really, it’s just a matter of how the episodes are packaged.

Here is the list of One Piece seasons and episodes available to stream on Netflix:

  1. East Blue (61 episodes)
  2. Entering Into the Grand Line (16 episodes)
  3. Enter Chopper at Winter Island (15 episodes)
  4. Alabasta (38 episodes)
  5. TV Original 1 (13 episodes)
  6. Sky Island: Skypeia (30 episodes)
  7. Sky Island: The Golden Ball (22 episodes)
  8. The Naval Fortress (11 episodes)
  9. The Foxy Pirate Crew (22 episodes)
  10. The “Water Seven” Chapter (35 episodes)
  11. Enies Lobby (21 episodes)
  12. CP9 (22 episodes)
  13. Goodbye Going Merry (19 episodes)

In February 2023, the first four seasons of One Piece left Netflix for a few days. Netflix Life confirmed the first four seasons of the series returned to Netflix in the month of February.

Which One Piece movies are on Netflix?

There are four One Piece movies on Netflix, in addition to the 325 episodes. You can stream these movies on Netflix right now:

  • One Piece 
  • One Piece: Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura[edit]
  • One Piece Film: Strong World
  •  One Piece: Film Z 

When are the new One Piece seasons coming to Netflix?

Well, we know for certain that one season of One Piece is coming in 2023, and that’s the first season of Netflix’s live-action One Piece series. The streaming network confirmed the series premieres sometime this year, but we haven’t heard the exact release date.

We’re also anticipating more episodes of the anime will be released this year. There are more than 800 episodes of One Piece dubbed in English, so it’s just a matter of Netflix securing the rights from other streamers to show new episodes of One Piece to its subscribers.

We have to imagine that Netflix will add more episodes before the live-action premiere, but that’s just a prediction for now.

One Piece - Best Ne
One Piece – Credit: Netflix /

As things stand, it looks like One Piece, the live-action, could be released earlier than anticipated. We thought One Piece was going to be released in late Q3 or Q4, but with Netflix confirming the season and sharing the poster, we could be looking at a summer release for One Piece. 

One Piece is on the list of the best shows on Netflix right now. We’ll share more information about the series when we find out more information.

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