Do Kiara and Rafe get together in Outer Banks season 3? (spoilers)

Outer Banks. (L to R) Madison Bailey as Kiara, Drew Starkey as Rafe in episode 302 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023
Outer Banks. (L to R) Madison Bailey as Kiara, Drew Starkey as Rafe in episode 302 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023 /

Carve out some time for binging this weekend, because Outer Banks season 3 has arrived! The fan-favorite teen drama has returned for 10 new episodes, following our favorite Pogues as they leave Poguelandia and head back home. Of course, their journey is not without complications, especially after they discover a man named Carlos Singh who’s after them and the gold. Plus, John B’s dad Big John has returned and only has one thing on his mind — finding the treasure.

All in all, Outer Banks season 3 is another wild ride, full of action, suspense, comedy, and even romance. John B and Sarah aren’t the only couple this time around, and all of the Pogues are in relationships by the end of the season.

Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks season 3.

In the premiere episode of season 3, the Pogues get separated out in the Caribbean once Kiara is captured by a group of men. They take her to Carlos Singh’s house, and she’s shocked to see Rafe there. Initially, Kiara believes this proves Ward and the Camerons are in on the kidnapping, but as it turns out, Rafe’s just there to try and sell the cross he stole from the Pogues. Carlos shows up and explains that he’s looking for the gold at El Dorado, and he wants Kiara and Rafe to help him get it. He wants Denmark Tanny’s diary, which he believes the Pogues have.

Kiara and Rafe are caught in a dangerous situation at Carlos’ home, and surprisingly, they kind of get along and bond while being held in a room together. Rafe opens up to Kiara about the bad things he’s done and how he’s trying to get better. Even if just for a moment, it kind of seems like the show is trying to tease a potential future romance for the pair. So does that happen?

Do Kie and Rafe start dating in Outer Banks season 3?

While Kiara and Rafe help each other escape Carlos’, their friendship is short-lived as Kiara steals Rafe’s boat and ditches him, sailing off without him. The two do not get together romantically at all in Outer Banks season 3, and instead, Kiara and JJ finally start dating!

I don’t think Outer Banks fans would be happy if Kiara and Rafe started dating, though the first two episodes of season 3 definitely make it seem like it could happen! But given Rafe’s villainous history, the Pogues are way better off without him. We’ll see what kind of arc Rafe gets in Outer Banks season 4.

Netflix has confirmed Outer Banks season 4 is in the works, so stay tuned for more updates on that!

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