What is Korean thriller Unlocked about on Netflix?

UnlockedImage Courtesy Netflix
UnlockedImage Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix promised that there would be an excellent lineup of Korean dramas and movies scheduled to come out in 2023, and the streamer wasn’t lying! One of the Korean films that should be on everyone’s watchlist this year is Unlocked. If you’re curious about this movie, all you have to do is continue reading to find out more.

Unlocked is just one of many anticipated Netflix Korean films slated to come out in 2023. We’ve already seen the sci-fi film Jung_E. Next is Unlocked, followed by the releases of other Korean movies such as Kill Boksoon, The Match, Ballerina and Believer 2. We have so much great Korean content to look forward to throughout the year, but our main focus at the moment is Unlocked.

It’s a thriller flick written and helmed by Kim Tae-joon. It’s also based on the best-selling Japanese novel Sumaho o Otoshita dake by Akira Shiga. In addition, the movie stars Chun Woo-hee,
Yim Si-wan, Kim Hee-won, Park Ho-san, Kim Ye-won, Jeon Jin-oh, Kim Joo-ryoung, and Lee Jae-woo.

But what is it about? Here’s what the movie is about below.

Netflix’s Unlocked synopsis

The thriller follows Na-mi, an ordinary office worker whose life is turned upside down after she loses her smartphone, which contains all of her personal information. Then, a dangerous man by the name of Jun-yeong gets ahold of Na-mi’s phone and hacks into it to install spyware before returning it back.

With the spyware downloaded on Na-mi’s phone, Jun-yeong is able to track Na-mi’s every move and learn everything he can about her. Meanwhile, police detective Ji-man who is also Jun-yeong’s father, looks over a murder crime scene and finds traces of his son. This leads Ji-man to secretly investigate Jun-yeong to figure out his involvement in the case.

Here’s the official synopsis via Netflix Media Center:

"On her way home from work, Na-mi (Chun Woo-hee) loses her smartphone, containing everything about her. Jun-yeong (Yim Si-wan) finds Na-mi’s phone and returns it to her, but after installing spyware. By tracking her everyday life, he learns all he can about Na-mi— her whereabouts, hobbies, tastes, work life, finances, and social network — and approaches her by concealing his true identity.In the meantime, police detective Ji-man (Kim Hie-won) finds traces of his son Jun-yeong at a murder crime scene and secretly investigates Jun-yeong, suspecting the worst.Na-mi is relieved to have found her phone, but not too long, her ordinary life turns upside down and spirals out of control.All because she only lost her phone, her entire life is imperiled."

Given what the movie is about, it comes as no surprise that it’s rated TV-MA. This means it’s meant to be viewed by mature audiences only. It was given this maturity rating for strong language, smoking, and graphic violence. Overall, we strongly recommend watching this film when no kids are around.

Take a look at the gripping official trailer!

Be sure to check out Unlocked, arriving on Netflix on Feb. 17.

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