Love to Hate You cast: Who’s in the Korean romantic comedy series?

Love to Hate YouImage Courtesy Netflix
Love to Hate YouImage Courtesy Netflix /

We have the perfect show for you to watch on Valentine’s Day with your loved one or really on any day you would like to do so. On Feb. 10, Netflix released a Korean drama called Love to Hate You, and it’s creating some buzz among audiences everywhere. We shared all there is to know about it right below.

Love to Hate You is a K-Drama created by Kim Jeong-kwon and Choi Soo-young. In addition, the romantic comedy series was produced by Binge Works.

It tells a love story of two people who couldn’t be any more different from one another. In other words, it tells a story of opposites attracting. Yeo Mi-ran, a rookie lawyer at an entertainment firm, isn’t interested in dating and despises losing to men. Nam Kang-ho is Korea’s top actor who strongly distrusts women. When these two meet, they immediately clash, but a romance starts to blossom after they’re forced to date each other. Yeo Mi-ran and Nam Kang-ho soon learn that the line between love and hate is a thin one.

But who’s in the cast? Who plays the two main leads? We answered these questions below.

Love to Hate You cast

Kim Ok-vin portrays the role of Yeo Mi-ran. She’s a well-known South Korean actress and began her acting career in the South Korean horror film Voice. She’s also had roles in other South Korean movies such as Dasepo Naughty GirlsThe Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan and The Villainess. The last role Kim had before Love to Hate You was in a short film called Life is But a Dream.

Teo Yoo plays Nam Kang-ho. You might recognize him from his previous roles in the South Korean TV shows The CravingsArthdal ChroniclesVagabondChocolateMoney Game and The Window. His most recent role, besides in Love to Hate You, was the role of Hae Sung in the romantic drama film Past Lives, which was released on Jan. 21, 2023, in the U.S.

Here’s the complete cast list:

  • Kim Ok-vin as Yeo Mi-ran
  • Teo Yoo as Nam Kang-ho
  • Kim Ji-hun as Do Won-jun
  • Go Won-hee as Shin Na-eun
  • Lee Joo-bin as Oh Se-na
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Choi Soo-jin
  • Han Seo-jun as Yoon Sang-seop
  • Song Ji-woo as Hwang Ji-ye
  • Choi Yoon-so as Grace
  • Jeon Shin-hwan as Lee Jin-seo
  • Kim Do-yeon
  • Kim Ye-ryeong as Kim Eun-hee
  • Jo Seung-hee as Kim Ji-woo

There are also some special appearances by other South Korean actors like Hong Woo-jin, Yeon Jung-hoon, Eugene, and Lee Yu-ri.

Take a look at the official trailer for a sneak peek of the show!

Be sure to check out Love to Hate You, now streaming on Netflix.

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