The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is coming to Netflix in April 2023

The Last Kingdom season 5
The Last Kingdom season 5 /

It’s been almost a year since we watched Uhtred finally get Bebbanburg back. What’s next in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die? We’ll get to see very soon.

Can you believe that it’s been almost a year since The Last Kingdom season 5 came to Netflix? It was the final season of the series as we knew it, but it wouldn’t be the very end of the story. Netflix confirmed we’d get a movie, which will be the final installment of Uhtred son of Uhtred’s story.

Destiny is all, Asslings. We’re very close to seeing the story play out. What can we expect in this movie?

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die release date

The show’s social media channels shared the exciting news of the movie’s release date. We’ll get to watch The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die on Friday, April 14. This is about 13 months since the fifth season, but we know that it will be more than worth the wait.

What to expect in The Last Kingdom movie

The movie is picking up off the back of the season 5 finale. In that episode, we saw Uhtred almost fail getting his ancestral home back. His men were outnumbered, but fortunately, Uhtred’s daughter came to help the cause.

It did look like Bebbanburg would burn before Uhtred stepped foot inside it, but the weather turned, bringing storm clouds and rain to put the fires out. Despite promising to bend the knee, Uhtred decided that he wanted to keep Bebbanburg independent when it came to a war between Alba and Wessex, which was something King Edward was not happy to hear.

So, it looks like the movie is going to pick up with that. Of course, King Constantin is considering war on England. Hasn’t that always been the way between England and Scotland? Edward will need to defend his country. Will Uhtred be able to keep himself out of this war? Probably not! Uhtred will find himself at the heart of England’s future.

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The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is coming to Netflix on Friday, April 14.