What is The Last Kingdom season 5 about?

The Last Kingdom season 5
The Last Kingdom season 5 /

The Last Kingdom season 5 is now available to stream on Netflix. What is the final season about? Can we expect a complete ending for the period drama?

We’re certainly ready to see the next installment into Uhtred’s life. We’ve followed him from a young boy to the man he is today as he’s figured out politics, tried to walk between two fires, and get his ancestral home back.

There are 10 episodes to complete the story. What exactly should we expect going into them?

What is The Last Kingdom season 5 about?

There are a few storylines happening within the world of The Last Kingdom season 5. The first is the fight for Bebbenburg. Well, it’s the first we’ll cover. The actual storyline is likely to come close to the end of the season. There’s just so much going on before that can happen.

We’re going to see Uhtred lead his men back to Bebbenburg once more. The last time they were there, Beocca died, and we’re still not over that. However, Uhtred can’t let that stop him from getting the home that is his birthright back.

The other big storyline is a revenge plot against Uhtred. Brida has waited patiently, it seems, for her daughter to grow up a little and be able to fight. Now she wants to enact revenge against Uhtred for everything he’s done against her, especially when he refused to kill her and let her go to Valhalla instead of her becoming a captor and slave.

The best way for her to enact revenge is to go after his family. We’re hoping that means we’ll get to find out what happened to the youngest son. Uhtred didn’t like the third child because the birth killed Gielsa, but will he put those feelings aside when Brida comes after him?

Other characters on The Last Kingdom season 5

Of course, there are multiple other characters to pay attention to. Edward will need to rule Wessex while his sister rules Mercia. We’ll get to find out if Aelswith survived being poisoned and what that means for Edward’s wife and father-in-law in the final season.

Don’t expect everything to be wrapped up in a neat bow, though. The Last Kingdom season 5 is the last of the show but there is a movie filming.

The Last Kingdom season 5 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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