20 shows and movies like Stranger Things to watch while waiting for season 5

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Now that Stranger Things season 4 part 2 has premiered, fans are facing a lengthy wait between seasons. I’ve compiled a list of 20 great shows like Stranger Things to watch or revisit while we all anxiously await the fifth and final season. I also highly recommend checking out our complete guide to all Stranger Things media in chronological order—including books, graphic novels, games and other media.

Depending on what your favorite aspect of Stranger Things is, the following list should help you pick a show that most aligns with your interests. Most of the series listed below are streaming on Netflix, but a couple are available on other streaming services, such as Apple TV+, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Shows like Stranger Things

Whether you want to revisit a classic like Twin Peaks or check out an underrated show you’ve never heard of before, this list of shows like Stranger Things covers all the bases!

Shows like Stranger Things: Riverdale

Riverdale and Stranger Things share a lot of similar DNA primarily because they both are inspired by similar things, namely, Twin Peaks. Each one is a show where dark things happen in a small town. The main difference between the two was that Riverdale wasn’t supernatural, though that has changed in recent seasons.

Still, Riverdale is more focused on human horror like cults and serial killers whereas Stranger Things is more about monsters and parallel dimensions. Riverdale is also based on a pre-existing property, unlike Stranger Things. Still, there’s enough in common between these shows and the way they both start with a mysterious disappearance that there is significant overlap between the fanbases.

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