20 shows and movies like Stranger Things to watch while waiting for season 5

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Shows like Stranger Things: Haven

This American-Canadian supernatural television series is based on a Stephen King novel called The Colorado Kid, which is perfect for fans of Stranger Things since so many of King’s works have inspired the show.

Set in the fictional small town of Haven, Maine, the series follows FBI agent Audrey Parker as she becomes involved in the town’s mysterious supernatural afflictions hurting some of the residents. She teams up with police detective Nathan Wuornos to try and figure out what’s really happening in Haven.

Streaming: Unfortunately, Haven isn’t streaming right now, but it is available to purchase digitally.

Shows like Stranger Things: Gravity Falls

Like Riverdale, there is a lot of crossover between the fandoms of Gravity Falls and Stranger Things. You’ll find tons of fan art online of Stranger Things characters in Gravity Falls-style and vice versa (Gaten Matarazzo is actually a popular fancast for a live-action Dipper Pines).

Again, the small-town-where-nothing-ever-happens-turns-out-to-hide-dark-secrets is a very old and popular trope and Gravity Falls happens to be one of the best animated series around to tap into it. If you want something similar to Stranger Things but a little lighter and more humorous in tone (especially after the darkness of season 4) then this is a great pick.

Streaming: Disney+ and Hulu