On My Block: Freeridge ending explained: Is [SPOILER] really dead?

Freeridge. (L to R) Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Gloria, Ciara Riley Wilson as Demi, Tenzing Trainor as Cameron, Bryana Salaz as Ines in episode 101 of Freeridge. Cr. Kevin Estrada © 2022
Freeridge. (L to R) Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Gloria, Ciara Riley Wilson as Demi, Tenzing Trainor as Cameron, Bryana Salaz as Ines in episode 101 of Freeridge. Cr. Kevin Estrada © 2022 /

The wait is over. Freeridge is finally streaming on Netflix, and viewers have eight episodes to watch and enjoy! But once you get to the season finale, you’ll probably have some questions. Fortunately, you have us to provide you with the answer to any question you might have about the new teen series.

Freeridge is a spinoff to On My Block and follows a new core four who are faced with reversing a curse that they believe they accidentally set free from an old mysterious box. Gloria Salazar leads the friend group, which comprises her younger sister Ines and her two best friends, Demi and Cam.

If you’ve landed on this article, you’re most likely wondering how the first season ends. Well, I’ll start by saying it ends on a shocking cliffhanger that definitely sets up a potential second season. Seriously, a lot happened in the season 1 finale. Now let us be your guide so we can share what occurred in the last moments of the first season.

MAJOR spoilers from Freeridge ahead!

If you haven’t watched the On My Block spinoff yet, now is your time to click off this article because we’re about to discuss spoilery content about the show below.

Freeridge ending: Is Mariluna really dead?

It appears so. Joker and Sad Eyes shot her at close range. The reason why they went after Mariluna is because they believed she was Marisol. Earlier, Joker had overheard Demi telling Ines that Marisol had found the Rollerworld money. Joker and Sad Eyes knew that Marisol had died, but after seeing someone that looked exactly like her (Mariluna), they thought she had faked her death.

So, they approached Mariluna while she was in her car and started aggressively asking her for the Rollerworld money. Mariluna tells them they have her confused with her twin sister Marisol, but they don’t believe her. Mariluna then takes out her gun and points it at them. Of course, this angers Joker and Sad Eyes, and they show Mariluna they’re also armed. Then, there’s a cut to Gloria and Co in Mariluna’s office as they try to figure out what they want to do regarding Mariluna’s proposition. Once they come to an agreement, a gunshot is heard. They immediately rush outside, and then there’s a cut to Mariluna’s limp body in her car.

Freeridge ending: Was the box really cursed?

Nope! The box wasn’t cursed. Mariluna explains to Gloria that she and Marisol would tell people things were cursed to make themselves laugh since they loved pranks and games. It was an inside joke between the twin sisters. Demi and Ines find out the box wasn’t cursed another way. They find out by talking to a psychic. The psychic tells them that the curse was only real because they believed in it. Once they stopped believing the box was cursed, the curse was no longer real. Basically, it was all in their heads.

Mariluna’s proposition in Freeridge explained

Since Mariluna is wealthy and loves games, she proposes something to Gloria and her friends that would change their lives forever. She gives them two options. In the first option, Mariluna would write a $1 million dollar check out to them, and they can spend it on whatever they want right away. In the second option, they can spend the $1 million in three months on things they can’t keep and win $10 million. They ultimately choose the second option but never get to tell Mariluna because she gets shot.

Do Demi and Cam break up?

Yes, Demi and Cam break up in the season finale. They realize that the spark they once had is gone and choose to remain friends instead. However, there’s a chance they might get back together in a potential second season because Demi believes that Cam is her soulmate.

Do Gloria and Rusty end up together?

Yes. Gloria and Rusty end up together, but they might not last long. In the season finale, Gloria and Rusty are doing fine as a couple until Rusty comes clean about being paid to date Gloria by Tonio. Even though Gloria and Rusty make up, something happens between Ines and Rusty in the season 1 finale that could lead to them eventually breaking up.

Do Ines and Rusty kiss in Freeridge?

Yes, Ines and Rusty passionately make out in the season 1 finale. It happens after Rusty confesses to Gloria that he was paid to date her. He heads outside to clear his head and Ines follows him. They argue for a while before Rusty suggests to Ines that she kiss him so she can move on. Ines kisses Rusty and tells him she felt nothing, but then they both lean in again and start making out. They eventually stop kissing once Gloria walks outside to look for Rusty.

Does Javier die in Freeridge?

Fortunately, Javier does not die. However, his cancer does progress. Also, he doesn’t look too good in the season 1 finale. He even tells Ines that he’s been feeling nauseous. If there is to be a second season, we’ll most likely find out if he’ll survive cancer. Fingers crossed, Javier doesn’t die because Gloria and Ines already lost one parent to cancer. They will be absolutely devastated if they lose their other parent.

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