Jung_E ending explained: Does Captain Yun escape from Kronoid?

Jung_E Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix 2022
Jung_E Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix 2022 /

The day we’ve all been waiting on is finally here. Jung_E is now available to stream on Netflix, and viewers love the new science fiction movie. Truthfully, this comes as no surprise. I mean, the film was written and directed by the mastermind behind the hit Korean movie and show Train to Busan and Hellbound. So people were bound to tune in and watch this film!

Jung_E is set in the year 2194. The Earth is no longer habitable because of climate change, so humans have migrated to outer space and built shelters. The shelters are split into two groups that eventually end up engaging in a civil war for many decades. So to put an end to the war, a military AI development firm attempts to create the greatest combat AI by cloning the brain of a legendary soldier in a project called the Jung_E project.

If you haven’t watched the sci-fi film yet, you might want to click off this article because we’re about to discuss the movie’s ending. But make sure to come back because we break down what happened, and you’ll need some clarification after that shocking ending!

Major spoilers from Jung_E ahead!

Jung_E ending

After Yun Seo-hyun finds out that the Jung_E project will be canceled since the Adrian Republic and Allied Force have reached an agreement to end the war, she becomes saddened that all of her hard work has been wasted. The chairman of Kronoid tells her to wrap up the combat AI project because the company will now focus on housekeeper or service worker AIs. The chairman later relays the message to Kim Sang-hoon, Kronoid’s lab director and the first robot the chairman made with his brain data.

This news angers Kim Sang-hoon, and he begins torturing Captain Yun, hoping it will activate the unidentified yellow area in her brain. But it doesn’t work, and Yun Seo-hyun refuses to cooperate. This was Yun Seo-hyun’s last straw. She couldn’t stand to see Captain Yun tortured and did not want to see her be used for something other than combat. So, Yun Seo-hyun comes up with an escape plan. She tells the Kronoid lab workers to wrap up the combat AI project and send all the data to her.

When it’s time to get a new Captain Yun robot ready for one last simulation, Yun Seo-hyun tells the other Kronoids workers to leave it to her. But instead of getting Captain Yun ready, she turns off the administrator control so that Captain Yun can function on her own. She also deletes most of the unidentified yellow area in Captain Yun’s brain so that she doesn’t have memory of her. But before she boots Captain Yun up, she explains what she needs to do when she wakes up.

During the final simulation, Captain Yun makes it to the last stage. But instead of getting shot like in previous simulations, she secretly dodges a bullet and pretends to have been hit. After being considered another failed simulation, the Kronoid workers try to bring Captain Yun to a room to terminate her, but she fights them and escapes. Kim Sang-hoon eventually realizes that Captain Yun has been altered with, sounds the emergency alarm, and calls the police.

Jung_E ending: Does Captain Yun escape from Kronoid?

Yes, but not without going through several obstacles. As Captain Yun makes her way through the Kronoid building in search of an exit, Kim Sang-hoon releases the new AIs and commands them to attack her. He’s also searching for her too.

Captain Yun and the other AIs engage in an intense fight where she ends up badly injured. However, Yun Seo-hyun comes in and saves her. But Captain Yun is hurt and recognizable, so she probably won’t be able to make it out. Since Yun Seo-hyun knows this, she takes Captain Yun’s brain and places it in a new AI. This way, they can escape undetected. Eventually, the police robots arrive and shoot down the old Captain Yun robot. But they quickly realize that it’s not the real Captain Yun when they see that her brain is missing.

Meanwhile, Yun Seo-hyun and the real Captain Yun have made it out of the Kronoid building and are getting on a train. While traveling on the train, Yun Seo-hyun tells Captain Yun to run as far as she can from Kronoid when the train stops. As she’s speaking, Kim Sang-hoon makes his presence known on the train.

He points his gun at Yun Seo-hyun, and Captain Yun tries to protect her. Then, Yun Seo-hyun reveals to Kim Sang-hoon that she erased Captain Yun’s memories of her so that she can be free. This angers Kim Sang-hoon, so he shoots Yun Seo-hyun in the shoulder or chest area. Captain Yun then engages in a fight with Kim Sang-hoon that ends with Kim Sang-hoon finding out that he’s a robot.

After finding out this shocking information, Kim Sang-hoon becomes even angrier, so he and Captain Yun start fighting again. Then the police robots eventually arrive, and Captain Yun has to fight them off. However, the final battle happens between Captain Yun and Kim Sang-hoon.

The train they’re on collides with another train, knocking them both to the end, which is falling apart. To save Captain Yun, Yun Seo-hyun uses a gun to shoot a wire for Captain Yun to grab onto. Captain Yun is pulled to safety by Yun Seo-hyun while the end of the train disconnects and falls to the ground. Remember, Kim Sang-hoon was still on the end of the train so he died.

Back on the front of the train, Captain Yun tries to stop Yun Seo-hyun’s bleeding, but Yun Seo-hyun tells her not to worry about her because more police robots are on their way. She tells Captain Yun to go live her life and be free.

Captain Yun is hesitant at first but follows orders. However, she hugs and rubs her head on Yun Seo-hyun before leaving. At this moment. Yun Seo-hyun realizes that Captain Yun knows who she really is because that’s something Captain Yun used to do when Yun Seo-hyun was a young girl. Since Yun Seo-hyun didn’t completely erase the yellow area in Captain Yun’s brain, that part could still be activated. After their emotional goodbye, Captain Yun runs as far away as she can while Yun Seo-hyun stays on the train. The movie ends with a shot of Captain Yun on top of a rock as she looks around at her surroundings.

What will happen to Yun Seo-hyun? Will Captain Yun be able to survive on her own? Honestly, these questions could be answered in a sequel. Unfortunately, however, Netflix has not announced if there will be a second movie. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, though!

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