Jung_E parents guide: Is the Korean sci-fi film okay for kids?

Jung_E Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix 2022
Jung_E Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix 2022 /

A new science fiction film called Jung_E arrives on Netflix on Jan. 20. But before you start watching the movie, we want to inform you of the parents guide and age rating in case you want to watch it with kids.

Jung_E is a South Korean Netflix original film helmed and written by Yeon Sang-ho. Yes, this is the same creative genius who brought us the amazing Korean movies Train to Busan and Peninsula. He also created the hit Netflix dark fantasy series Hellbound.

Jung_E is set in the year 2194 and shows an unhabitable Earth destroyed by drastic climate change. This causes humankind to move into shelters in outer space. But peace doesn’t last long in the shelters, with a civil war eventually breaking out and lasting for a long time. To end the war, a head researcher at a military A.I. development company leads the effort by cloning the brain of her mother and once powerful mercenary and military strategist, Yun Jung-yi.

The cast includes Kang Soo-youn, Kim Hyun-joo, Ryu Kyung-soo, and Park So-yi.

Jung_E parents guide and age rating

The sci-fi film is rated TV-14, meaning it may not be appropriate for ages under 14. It was given this maturity rating for fear, strong language, and violence. Given what the movie is about, violence was expected. Based on the trailer, you can also expect to see tons of explosions and the characters using guns. There’s even a clip of two trains colliding and exploding. Although there aren’t any character deaths shown in the trailer, we can probably expect to see some in the movie.

Overall, parents are strongly cautioned. However, we believe that watching Jung_E with older kids will be fine. We just wouldn’t recommend watching it with younger kids due to some of the content shown.

Take a look at the action-packed official trailer for yourself!

Jung_E will surely be the talk of the town once everyone gets to see it. Will you be watching the sci-fi film on Netflix?

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