Dog Gone ending explained: Did the Marshalls find Gonker?

Dog Gone. (L to R) Rob Lowe as John, Johnny Berchtold as Fielding in Dog Gone. Cr. Bob Mahoney/Netflix © 2022.
Dog Gone. (L to R) Rob Lowe as John, Johnny Berchtold as Fielding in Dog Gone. Cr. Bob Mahoney/Netflix © 2022. /

While Netflix spoiled the ending by telling us Gonker wouldn’t die, the Dog Gone ending was still heart-wrenching. Here’s how it all wrapped up.

In a way, Netflix spoiled the Dog Gone ending by telling us Gonker wouldn’t die. Of course, the fact that the series is based on a true story of one family finding their dog made it clear that the Marshalls would find Gonker. The question was always how.

That wasn’t the only story, though. We got a story of Oji, Ginny’s dog from her childhood. Then there was the big question of what was wrong with Fielding as he searched for his dog. We also saw how everyone came together.

What happened to Oji in Dog Gone?

Let’s start with another dog in the story. We quickly learned that Ginny had a dog as a child. John knew that his wife was thinking about Oji at one point, and Ginny made it clear that she promised to never love another dog. Then Gonker came into her life.

Oji was a gift from a visiting family. It was clear that Ginny’s parents didn’t like Oji. They had no emotion when they told her Oji got out and was hit by a car, killing him.

We’ll never know if that was really what happened. However, the Dog Gone ending gave us just a little bit of closure. Ginny saw Oji walking toward her when Gonker came out of the car. It gave her a chance to say goodbye to Oji and hello to Gonker, believing that the work to find Gonker made up for what she could never do for Oji when she was a child.

Dog Gone ending: Was Gonker found?

Yes, Gonker was found. He turned up 111 miles away. After a few mistakes, the family did get a call from a man who said that a dog was going through the Dumpsters.

The Marshalls weren’t going to make the drive out without some sort of proof. They’d been looking for a couple of weeks now. The man couldn’t get a video or anything, but mentioned that the dog did a special trick involving donuts. This was a trick Fielding had taught Gonker, and it was clear that this was the Marshall’s dog.

So, John and Fielding drove out. After being called, Gonker came out of the woods and ran straight over to his owner. It really was an emotional reunion.

What was wrong with Fielding in Dog Gone?

Throughout the movie, Fielding was suffering with stomach pains and was throwing up blood. He handled it all in private, and John put everything down to Fielding being worried about the missing dog. After all, they were on a clock as Gonker needed an injection.

Well, Fielding admitted to his sister that he’d been suffering from pain for a while. He couldn’t eat. Even water was hard to keep down. After collapsing once Gonker was home, John and Ginny found out that Fielding had ulcerative colitis.

Fortunately, Fielding would make a recovery, but he needed sleep. He couldn’t sleep without Gonker, so John and Ginny snuck Gonker into the hospital room. It was a happy ending for everyone.

The Dog Gone ending also went into what really happened. The story played out pretty close to the truth, except for adding smartphones and social media into it all—the original story was in the late ’90s. The real Gonker was found 111 miles away and did only have damage to his paws. It was all a happy ending for the family. The ending also tells us that Gonker lived for another five years after the incident.

Dog Gone is on Netflix.

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