Does the dog die in Dog Gone?

Dog Gone. Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Ginny in Dog Gone. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.
Dog Gone. Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Ginny in Dog Gone. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022. /

There are times when spoilers are necessary. One of those is when dealing with a movie about a lost dog. Does the dog die in Dog Gone? We need to know this before we even start watching.

Remember when we had no idea what would happen in Marley and Me? There was no way of finding out, so we spent the whole time thinking we would watch this adorable and hilarious movie about dog ownership only to be hit hard with the emotions at the very end.

Ever since then, I’ve gone into movies with animals very carefully. At least when it was John Wick, we got a movie that was all about him avenging the death of his dog. That I could fully get behind. All other movies, I need to know the spoilers about the dog beforehand.

Are you the same? Probably as you’re looking for this post. So, will the dog die in Dog Gone? Is this going to be a safe movie to watch?

Does Dog Gone make you cry?

Netflix has confirmed that the dog is not going to die in the movie. This is one that you can safely watch. It’s a heartwarming tale based on a true story, and the dog did make it through in real life.

Phew! However, don’t rejoice just yet. That doesn’t mean there won’t be tears.

If Dog Gone is anything like the movie Dog with Channing Tatum, expect a few tears here and there. There will be emotions as the family realize their dog is missing and as they feel like they’re close to finding their pet only to realize that it’s not the right dog. We can even look at Rescued by Ruby to see how these movies can pull at our heartstrings.

There will likely be waterworks, but not for all the bad reasons. This is an inspirational journey of a family and the whole world searching the Appalachian Trail for one very much beloved dog.

Dog Gone is on Netflix on Friday, Jan. 13.

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