Emily in Paris season 3 finale recap: Bébé à bord—guess who’s pregnant!

Emily in Paris. (L to R) Lily Collins as Emily, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in episode 310 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Emily in Paris. (L to R) Lily Collins as Emily, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in episode 310 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Between Emily helping Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) achieve his culinary dreams and Gabriel and Camille’s (Camille Razat) engagement party, the Emily in Paris season 3 finale is packed with drama and several surprising twists!

Major spoilers for Emily in Paris season 3 ahead

In honor of owning a new stake in the restaurant and Antoine’s (William Abadie) status as a silent partner, Gabriel invites his grandmother from Normandy to the opening night of the new restaurant, formerly Chez Lavaux, now L’Espirit de Gigi. It’s a momentous occasion, and Emily (Lily Collins) knows the only way it could be better is if she can get Gabriel on track to earning his first Michelin star.

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Regarding the Michelin star, assistance comes in the unlikely form of Luc (Bruno Gouery). We learn that his ex-girlfriend Marianne (Laurence Gormezano) is a Michelin critic. That’s partly why they broke up. Luc kept telling everyone who she worked for, and Marianne couldn’t deal with his lack of discretion. Hoping to put Gabriel’s restaurant on her radar, Luc reaches out to his ex to invite her to dinner.

Ahead of the restaurant’s reopening, Mindy and Emily grab lunch and discover Sofia (Melia Kreiling) and Camille arguing nearby. Given their loud bickering, we can safely assume that Sofia isn’t pleased with Camille’s engagement. Emily feels obligated to say hello to the pair after they spot her, but Camille still doesn’t know that Emily knows.

At the L’Espirit de Gigi reopening, Emily tips off Gabriel to ensure he pays special attention to Marianne’s table, though she doesn’t tell him why. Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) mends the fracture in Mindy (Ashley Park) and Emily’s friendship by telling Mindy what Nicolas (Paul Forman) did at her party.

I was pleasantly surprised that Emily in Paris season 3 opted not to drag out the Mindy/Emily fight over Nicolas. Mindy immediately believes Alfie, apologizes to Emily, and leaves to confront Nicolas. It was a nice change of pace from the usual, obnoxious “miscommunication” trope television loves so much.

Mindy makes it clear to Nicolas that Emily is her best friend, and he’ll have to learn to be around her if he wants to make their relationship work. Camille and Gabriel’s engagement party will be something of a litmus test for their relationship. Nicolas needs to do something for Mindy for once and make nice with Emily.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing between Julien, Emily, and Sylvie at Agence Grateau. Yet again, despite having the best intentions, Emily oversteps during Julien’s pitch to a new client. This time, Sylvie takes notice, but it’s too late for Julien, who has finally reached his threshold of annoyance. Even though Sylvie pulls him aside and apologizes for not addressing his concerns earlier, Julien still sends an email to an anonymous recruiter regarding a potential new job.

Fast-forward to the Champagne château, where Gabriel and Camille’s party is underway. Everyone is in attendance except Mindy. Nicolas still hasn’t shown up or called her, which seems to signal the end of their relationship.

Cue Benoit’s (Kevin Dias) arrival at Mindy’s door to tell her some surprising news: the song he wrote for Mindy was accepted into Eurovision! He and Mindy are invited to perform there. That’s why Benoit didn’t want to sell it before. He didn’t tell Mindy all this because he was afraid it wouldn’t win, which is a stupid reason.

Benoit sacrificed their relationship over that since he knowingly gaslit Mindy and made her feel bad for even suggesting selling the song instead of just…telling her the truth?

Nicolas finally returns Mindy’s call and agrees to attend the party, making a big, obnoxious arrival in a helicopter for some reason. He could have just been on time and taken her like a normal person. Once at the château, he apologizes to Emily, but I don’t trust that guy. At all.

Speaking of Champagne, Camille starts having doubts about marrying Gabriel. First, her mother gushes over how much Camille reminds her of herself when she was younger, and Camille isn’t thrilled by the comparison. Then Emily finally confronts Camille about Sofia. Camille blows her off, claiming it’s just a little fling, similar to what happened between Emily and Gabriel. I mean, Camille, I’m on your side, but that’s not really comparable!

Back in Paris, Luc takes Marianne back to L’Espirit de Gigi. Consider her thoroughly impressed, to the point she informs Luc that Chef Gabriel’s life is about to change because he’s headed toward a Michelin star! Luc calls Emily to tell Gabriel and her the great news, leading to a tender moment between them, one Camille witnesses.

Seeing Gabriel kissing Emily’s hand is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Even though Camille says yes when an ecstatic Gabriel (still riding the high of the Michelin star news) proposes they get married right there and then, Camille ultimately cannot bring herself to exchange vows.

In front of everyone in attendance at the chapel, Camille tells him about the pact she and Emily made. She says the only reason they are even together is Emily being with Alfie. Camille knows Emily and Gabriel have been in love since they first set eyes on each other.

Camille’s explosive confession leads to a shocking chain of events. Realizing he’s only ever going to be Emily’s second choice, Alfie dumps her, and Emily admits her feelings to Gabriel. But if you were expecting an epic love confession from him, you’re in for a surprise. Gabriel informs Emily that the real reason he and Camille were in a rush to get married is…Camille is pregnant!

Les petits plaisirs from Emily in Paris season 3

  • Sylvie learns that Laurent is opening an outpost of his club in Paris because someone invested significant money into it. Guess who? The head of JVMA…Louis de Léon (Pierre Deny). Sylvie is not happy.
  • We just got Lucien Laviscount as a series regular. Please don’t get rid of him now!
  • “I even pretended to care about your brother’s NFT. Do not put any money into that, by the way.”
  • Mindy deserves way better love interests than Boring Benoit and Narcissistic Nicholas. Now that Alfie is single…?
  • Does Sofia’s actress remind anyone else of Gal Gadot?
  • Emily in Paris has run the Timothée joke into the ground, but I did laugh at “The brother f**ker is at it again.”
  • Julien has gotten the short end of the stick for three seasons now. Let’s fix that in season 4. Do we think he might jump ship to JVMA?

All ten episodes of Emily in Paris season 3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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