Unsolved Mysteries’ Abdul Khan and Rabia Khalid case: Have there been any updates?

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3
Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 /

Halloween 2022 might be over and done with, but Netflix still has more true crime on the way. Today, the streamer just released the final three episodes in Unsolved Mysteries volume 3, which explore multiple disappearances and one suspicious death. The last episode, “Abducted by a Parent,” tells two different stories, one following mom Rebecca Downey whose kids were taken from her in 2014, and another about dad Abdul Khan whose son was stolen in 2017.

What these two stories have in common is that in both cases, the child/children were abducted by one of their parents.

For Abdul Khan’s part, we learn through interviews with him that he and a woman named Rabia Khalid fell and love and got married, and had their son Aziz in 2010. Despite them being happy at the start, their relationship turned sour and they decided to separate in 2014. According to Abdul, Rabia did indicate she wanted to work on their marriage, however, so it was shocking to him when he was served with divorce papers.

After their divorce was finalized, Abdul and Rabia went through a pretty lengthy and rough custody battle, with both parents wanting primary custody of Aziz. After Abdul was granted custody, Rabia told the courts that he was abusive. A full investigation was done, during which Abdul could not see Aziz, but in the end it was decided that Abdul would have custody again.

What happened to Abdul Khan’s son, Aziz?

Unfortunately, Abdul never saw Aziz again. Rabia was supposed to meet Abdul with Aziz at a courthouse in 2017, but they never showed up. As it stands, it appears Rabia and her new husband Elliot Bourgeois abducted Aziz so that Abdul couldn’t have primary custody. We cannot confirm whether or not Rabia and Elliot are still together, but we know Rabia and Aziz have yet to be located.

Unsolved Mysteries
Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 /

Are there any updates on Rabia Khalid’s whereabouts?

A felony warrant was issued for Rabia in 2020, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are any substantial updates on where she could be. As we learn in the Unsolved Mysteries episode, Abdul is not giving up on his search for Aziz, and neither is his sister, Rubina Khan. It’s believed Rabia and Elliot could be living under new identities now, but we just don’t know for sure.

We’re hoping now that the Unsolved Mysteries episode is out, Abdul and his family receives new information that can help them locate Aziz.

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