Have any Unsolved Mysteries cases been solved?

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 - Cr. Netflix
Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 - Cr. Netflix /

A reboot of the original and beloved Unsolved Mysteries, Netflix’s version of the series returns with nine new episodes as part of the show’s third volume. The nine episodes will be released in three-episode segments spread across three weeks. The first three were released on October 18, followed by more on October 25 and November 1.

With countless viewers checking out the new episodes, many folks have become curious about some of the past cases and whether or not any of the mysteries have been solved.

The first two volumes of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot consisted of 12 episodes, with the third volume releasing throughout October and early November bringing the total number of “mysteries” up to 21.

After the show premiered, thousands of tips providing possible intel and leads were received by various investigators related to the cases, but none have been officially “solved,” at least, not yet.

Have any cases in the Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries been solved?

So far, none of the cases featured in the Netflix reboot have officially been solved, but some have updates:

Rey Rivera: Featured in the first episode, Rey Rivera is believed to have committed suicide, but the circumstances of his death have been disputed. New theories emerged that seem to rule out the possibility of suicide thanks to an investigation conducted by forensic expert Miryam Moya.

Alonzo Brooks: Alonzo went missing and was later found dead. His case was the subject of the episode “No Ride Home.” Since the show aired, the official Unsolved Mysteries account issued a legitimate “update” on the Twitter account revealing that the FBI discovered a second party had occurred the night Alonzo disappeared in La Cygne, Kansas.

People at the other party allegedly left after a fight broke out and went to the farmhouse party where Alonzo was last seen. The month before the episode aired, the FBI actually reopened the case and offered a $100,000 reward to anyone with information.

Lena Chapin: There is an active and dedicated subreddit for online sleuths hellbent on closing some of these cold cases and they got to work trying to dig up whatever they could on Lena Chapin after her episode, “Missing Witness,” aired. Netflix even assisted by releasing all of the unused footage and an extensive Google Doc containing info not used in the episode. Even though that content has not yet led to a new lead, it’s still an interesting update on the case.

Lester Eubanks: In March 2021, several months after the episode “Death Row Fugitive” aired about prison fugitive Lester Eubanks, police believed they were finally closing in on him in the Los Angeles area. it’s unclear if those leads were accurate or not but, either way, law enforcement still hasn’t caught Eubanks and he remains a wanted fugitive.

JoAnn Romain: Tim Matouk was one of the primary suspects in his first cousin’s mysterious death, which is at the center of the “Lady in the Lake” episode. He declined to participate in the actual episode but later agreed to an interview with one of the series’ creators where he vehemently denied the accusations.

Stolen Kids: In the final episode of Unsolved Mysteries volume 2, the show looked into the case of two toddlers that went missing within just a few months of each other in Harlem in 1989. In November 2020, the mothers submitted their DNA to genetic databases in the hopes it will help find their children.

More than 260 cases were solved from the original Unsolved Mysteries

Even though none of the cases featured in the Netflix series have been solved yet, there have been several amazing finds from the original Unsolved Mysteries. The original show, which ran from 1987 to 2010, featured more than 1,300 cases during its run and reportedly led to over 260 being solved.

Decider has a great list of some of the most memorable cases from the first 14 seasons that were solved, such as Bonnie Haim’s murder, the deaths of the Freeman family, and more.

Interestingly, at least two “solved” cases featured on the Decider list have since become the subject of their own documentaries. The culprit behind the 2001 anthrax attacks was featured in season 12, episode 13 and later, the FBI fingered scientist Bruce Ivins as the person behind the attacks.

However, Ivins committed suicide and it was never proven that he did it in a court of law. Nevertheless, the FBI said it was him and closed the case, eliminating all of the evidence in the process. The 2022 Netflix documentary The Anthrax Attacks takes a closer look at the entire investigation and several of the documentary’s subjects disagreed with the FBI’s ultimate findings.

Another case featured in season 8, episode 6 focused on the kidnapping of 6-year-old Michael Hughes. Come to find out, his kidnapping was part of a much greater, and far more disturbing situation than viewers could have imagined when the episode first debuted. To learn more about what happened to Michael and his kidnapper, Franklin Delano Floyd, I recommend watching the 2022 Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture.

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