Unsolved Mysteries’ David Carter case: Have there been any updates?

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 - David Carter
Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 - David Carter /

If you’re looking for true crime shows and movies, Netflix has a vast library of choices. On Oct. 18, the streamer released the first three episodes of Unsolved Mysteries volume 3, with two of the cold cases involving unexplained deaths. Netflix rebooted the classic docuseries in 2020 and so far, each volume has been full of perplexing stories. These three new episodes are no different.

From the mysterious death of 18-year-old Tiffany Valiante and potential UFO sightings to the unsolved murder of 39-year-old David Carter, Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 will have you shocked at what you’re hearing and frustrated by the fact that there are so many unanswered questions.

As for the third episode, “Body in Bags,” David Carter’s family is certain they know who killed him, but the only problem is she’s been on the run for years now.

What happened to David Carter?

The episode follows the 2018 murder and dismemberment of David Carter, a father, brother, and friend living in Michigan who was extremely close with his family. According to his loved ones, he was an ambitious hard worker and an all-around great person. He had a teenage son who he was close with, and a good relationship with the mother of his child, as well as his parents and sister.

Once David stopped showing up for work, his family knew something was wrong. They couldn’t find him in his apartment and started their search to figure out where he was. The unusual part about the whole thing, however, was that David’s girlfriend, Tamera “Tammy” Williams, did not help the family. She claimed she hadn’t seen David in a few days and didn’t know where he was. As someone who spent basically every day with David, this made his family very suspicious. Plus, she was the last person to see him alive.

And when David’s body parts were found in bags on the side of the highway, all eyes turned to Tammy. According to investigators, David had been shot in the head and then cut into pieces to be discarded. Tammy was questioned by the police but at the time they did not have enough evidence to keep her, so she was released. And after that, she skipped town.

David Carter case updates: Was Tammy Williams caught?

At the time of this writing, Tammy is still on the run and hasn’t been located. She was last sighted in New York in 2018. The reward for any information about her whereabouts was increased to $10,000 in 2021, with the family still looking for answers. Also last year, Tammy’s mother Verdine Day, a retired Detroit Fire union treasurer, was accused of stealing $200,000 from her union.

David’s sister Tasia Carter-Jackson made a statement to Fox News, giving the following message to Tammy: “You know what you’ve done. We want you to come, and we want you to serve. We want justice for David. It’s not fair that you get to go on and live your life, and he was robbed from us.”

Tammy was known to change up her hairstyle and look pretty often, making the search to find her all the more difficult. Additionally, authorities say she has connections to the Order of the Eastern Star, an organization with ties to the freemasons.

We’ll be on the lookout for more updates on the David Carter case as more people start watching Unsolved Mysteries volume 3. You can watch all three new episodes on Netflix right now, with the second batch premiering next Tuesday, Oct. 25.

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