Welcome to Eden ending explained and spoilers: What is the Eden Foundation?


The wait is finally over! All eight episodes of Welcome to Eden are available to stream right now on Netflix. There’s so much that happened over the course of the first season, but nothing was more surprising or shocking than the explosive ending.

We start the new original series with four young individuals who receive invitations to an exclusive party on a secret island, sponsored by a new beverage brand. But unknowingly to them, this island isn’t really paradise. After having the time of their lives at the party, the guests have no idea what lies ahead for them in the morning.

There were several murders, new relationships, tons of drama and tension, unexpected plot twists, and many thrills and suspense throughout the season. Just when you thought you knew what was going in, something would happen, and you’d be thrown for a loop. I mean, that’s what makes a good thriller. So Welcome to Eden definitely passed the test.

If you’ve watched the thriller in its entirety and need an explainer or just want to know how everything wraps up, you’ve landed at the right place. We give a rundown on that highly-charged ending.

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers from Welcome to Eden below!

Welcome to Eden ending

After Eloy cuts the power at the second Eden Festival, Zoa and Charly begin their escape plan. Charly immediately runs to the cave, grabs an oxygen tank, and swims to the boat. But Zoa initially hesitates before joining him. Meanwhile, Africa is in the committee room of Astrid and Erick’s apartment, searching through their things. She finds a star pendant and places it on the painting on the wall. This opens up a secret door with an elevator inside. Africa enters the elevator.

Zoa makes it to the cave and tries to dig for an oxygen tank in the sand, but Ulises finds her and immediately starts to attack. While Ulises strangles Zoa, Ibon appears and tackles Ulises to the ground. They start fighting until Ibon gets the upper hand and drowns Ulises. Charly makes it to the boat safely, and Mayka flies her drone by Charly to watch him. She doesn’t end up telling on him, though.

Eloy appears at the cave and basically tells Zoa and Ibon that he’ll handle Ulises. Then, he tells Zoa to swim to the boat. Zoa gets up off the ground and begins swimming to the boat. Later, Africa exits the elevator and enters a room full of machines. She looks at one of the machines and sees an “open” button. She pushes the button and a warning pops up on a computer at Isaac’s module, saying that a signal is being sent to outer space. Isaac runs outside his module and sees that the antenna’s been activated.

Back in the secret room, Africa is trying to turn off the alert but to no avail. Meanwhile, Zoa is getting closer and closer to the boat while Eloy pulls Ulises’s body further into the ocean. Africa tries to make it into the elevator as it closes, but she doesn’t make it. Now she’s trapped in the secret room. As Zoa makes it to the boat, she sees Gabi arriving on the island. Then, there’s a cut to the credits.

Welcome to Eden ending: What is the Eden Foundation?

There isn’t a definite answer to what the Eden Foundation is, but we’ve tried to figure it out based on what Astrid and Erick mentioned. So the Eden Foundation was started by Astrid and Erick, who believe that climate change would soon wipe out humanity. In order to protect themselves and a select group of others, they found Eden and created their own home on the island.

Welcome to Eden ending: Who is Isaac?

This is the question everyone wants to know the answer to. Sadly, it’s unclear who Isaac really is. All we know is that he’s a young kid and seemingly the only kid living on the island. We first meet Isaac in episode 2, when Zoa notices him watching her outside her module. Then, we see him later in the series when Astrid takes Erick to see him for help. The last time we see Isaac is in the final episode of the season. We see him get excited that the antenna’s been activated.

Honestly, I thought Isaac was a spirit or ghost at the beginning of the series. Why? Well, when Zoa went outside to try to talk to him, he disappeared so quickly. But then, when I saw Isaac talking to Astrid and Erick, I realized that he was alive.

Isaac wasn’t in many scenes this season, so we didn’t really get to learn anything about him. I’m guessing the writers did this on purpose to set up a second season. However, we do learn that Isaac wants to leave Eden. We also see a crayon drawing of what looks to be Isaac, Astrid, and Erick on a wall in Isaac’s module. In the drawing, Isaac, Astrid, and Erick are holding hands and staring out into the ocean.

Remember Erick spoke to Astrid earlier in the season and told her that they’d be going to the “real” Eden soon. Is this where Isaac wants to go? I guess we’ll have to find out in a potential Welcome to Eden season 2. Lastly, Bel said Astrid and Erick couldn’t have kids. Could this be untrue? Could Isaac be Astrid and Erick’s son? There are so many questions that need answers. Fingers crossed, we get a Welcome to Eden season 2!

Welcome to Eden ending: Who attacked Erick?

This is another unanswered question of the season. The masked assailant who enters Astrid and Erick’s apartment was wearing clothing with the “Lilith” symbol. Although Bel would be the first suspect, she already mentions earlier in the season that she has no ties with whatever organization uses the “Lilith” symbol. So it can’t be her.

The mystery person gains access to the apartment using Ulises’s key card, but it can’t be him either. Why? After the mystery person uses the key card, they toss it onto the ground as if it’s useless to them. Also, when Ulises is strangling Zoa in the final episode, he accuses Zoa of stealing his key card. So it’s probably not Ulises either.

I think it’s someone we’d least expect. My guess is that it’s Saul or Brenda. Saul and Brenda seem like teachers’ pets, but they’re probably using their privilege to their advantage. My only issue with Brenda or Saul being the attacker is that I would think they would use their own key cards to enter the apartment, not Ulises. But maybe they used Ulises’s key card so that they won’t be identified when Astrid and Erick look into the alarm system. This is another question that could likely be answered in a potential second season.

Who dies in Welcome to Eden?

We shared a list of all the characters who died in the first season below:

  • Judith – Brenda shoots her in the head with a nail gun and then kicks her off a cliff.
  • Fran – It’s unclear how he dies, but we’re going to guess Brenda did the dirty work.
  • Aldo – Brenda shoots him in the head with a nail gun.
  • David – An Eden Foundation member shoots him in the head with a gun.
  • Claudia – Brenda shoots her in the head with a nail gun.
  • Ulises – Ibon drowns him.

What did you think about the Welcome to Eden ending? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, continue streaming Welcome to Eden only on Netflix.

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