Along for the Ride 2 updates: Will there be a sequel?

ALONG FOR THE RIDE (2022) Belmont Cameli as Eli. Cr: Emily V. Aragones/NETFLIX
ALONG FOR THE RIDE (2022) Belmont Cameli as Eli. Cr: Emily V. Aragones/NETFLIX /

Along for the Ride just released on Netflix today, but some people are already curious about whether or not the movie could spawn a sequel. Along for the Ride 2 could pick up shortly after where the first movie leaves off, anything is possible.

Based on Sarah Dessen’s popular novel of the same name, Along for the Ride is a feel-good romance about teens Auden and Eli who meet during the summer between graduation and college. Eli assists Auden with living out some of her fantasies, many of the things she never experienced during high school due to her focus on getting into a prestigious university.

While the movie does have a solid ending without leaving any dangling threads, there is also an open-ended feel to it that allows for viewers to imagine what might come next for these characters. It wouldn’t be hard to envision a sequel in which we get to see what’s next for Auden, Eli, their friends and Auden’s family.

Netflix is making more Sarah Dessen novels into movies

However, it doesn’t seem likely that Netflix will make Along for the Ride 2 before they finish production on the other movies they have planned for Dessen’s books, unless it’s a breakout hit. Netflix is also adapting the novels Once and For All and Lullaby into films.

Along for the Ride 2 updates: What could a potential sequel look like?

Spoilers ahead for Along for the Ride

At the end of the movie, Auden goes to college and Eli gets his chance at pursuing his BMX dreams in Barcelona. A second movie could return to their story a little later in time. Maybe it could take place in Barcelona, with Auden flying out there to spend her next summer vacation with Eli.

If a sequel happens, it probably won’t come out for at least another year or so, I would guess 2024 at the earliest.

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