Outer Banks season 3 release date rumor hints at a December 2022 release

Outer Banks has become a summer staple for Netflix in recent years; however, it’s looking like Outer Banks season 3 might be coming much later this year.

According to a new rumor from the Netflix fan page Netflix Daily Updates, it has been reported that the third season of Outer Banks will be coming to Netflix sometime in December 2022. While Netflix has not confirmed the date yet, it does seem likely due to the fact that production on season 3 did not even begin until February 2022.

With production not kicking off until late February, filming on the season is expected to run through as late as August. As a result, there would be no way for Netflix to release the season during a summer month as we’ve seen with seasons 1 and 2, but a Q4 release would indeed be doable barring any unexpected setbacks.

Is Outer Banks season 3 coming in 2022?

If rumors turn out to be true, it does appear we’ll be getting Outer Banks season 3 in 2022! An exact release date has not been set by Netflix, but all signs are pointing towards the season releasing in the final quarter of the year.

Netflix has used December to drop several major series in the past including new seasons of hits such as Bridgerton, Emily in Paris and The Witcher. While Outer Banks has traditionally dropped in the summer, it would be perfect for a holiday release and we could easily see Netflix looking to drop the season ahead of the Christmas or New Year’s weekends.

We already know there will be no new seasons of The Witcher or Bridgerton in December, so shifting a big release such as Outer Banks to December would be a genius move for Netflix. We’d also much rather take a December release date than have to wait until early 2023 for season 3!

As soon as an official release date is set by Netflix, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can enjoy re-watching seasons 1 and 2 of Outer Banks on Netflix now!