The Bubble ending explained and spoilers: What is Beasts of the Bubble?

The Bubble. Karen Gillan as Carol Cobb in The Bubble.Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
The Bubble. Karen Gillan as Carol Cobb in The Bubble.Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

The Bubble is officially on Netflix and most people watched the original movie as soon as it dropped on the streamer. Judd Apatow makes his Netflix debut with The Bubble, and I’ll just say this film is definitely worth watching. It comprises all the elements required of a comedy to successfully elicit laughter from the audience.

The comedy film follows a group of actors working together to film a sequel to a blockbuster action franchise (Cliff Beasts 6) about flying dinosaurs while stuck inside a pandemic bubble at a hotel in England. The cast includes many familiar faces that you’ll enjoy watching, such as real-life mother and daughter Leslie Mann and Iris Apatow, Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Armisen, Pedro Pascal, David Duchovny, Karen Gillan and Kate McKinnon.

If you’ve watched the new movie and need an explainer or are just curious about how it all comes to an end, you’ve come to the right place! We give the rundown on that hilarious ending right below.

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers from The Bubble below!

The Bubble ending

After the Cliff Beasts 6 cast takes hard drugs and films a Tiktok video all over the hotel, Dieter ends up passing out due to a bad reaction to the drugs. The cast tries all kinds of ways to get him to wake up, but nothing seems to work. It isn’t until Anika injects Dieter with some mystery substance that Dieter wakes up from his comatose state. The traumatic experience causes Carol to have an epiphany, and she realizes that she must come up with an escape plan for everyone.

The following clip shows the Cliff Beasts 6 cast back filming for the sequel, but the director yells cut after Dustin stops acting. While Dustin and the director argue about the script and the direction of the film, the rest of the cast leaves the set one by one. Eventually, Dustin leaves the set as well.

The next couple of scenes shows the cast trying to escape the film studio. Sean and Dustin try to escape security, Krystal Kris fights the girl she thought was her friend but is actually a mole, Carol runs into someone she dated in the past, and Dieter runs away from the head of security, Mr. Best.

Eventually, the cast reunites and heads to a helicopter. As they near the helicopter, the director catches up to them on a golf cart. Dustin steps up and engages in the tribesmen fight from Cliff Beasts 6 with the director. After Dustin lands a solid punch at the director’s face, the cast runs and hops in the helicopter. The producer, production coordinator, and director watch from below as the helicopter rises.

Since Sean only learned how to go up and down in a helicopter for Cliff Beasts 6, they’re stuck in one place in the air. After looking at a helicopter tutorial on YouTube, the entire cast helps Sean move the helicopter forward and journey home. Then, the movie flash-forwards two years later, where the Cliff Beasts 6 cast and crew attend the premiere of Beasts of the Bubble.

What is Beasts of the Bubble?

Beasts of the Bubble is a documentary about the disastrous production of Cliff Beasts 6. It contains all the behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from the cast and crew that were filmed by Scott, otherwise known as EPK Guy.

At the Beasts of the Bubble premiere, the cast and crew are interviewed on the red carpet by ET. We learn what they’ve been up to in the last two years or what’s next for them. Some of the hotel staff were also interviewed. In the last two years, Ronjon somewhat fulfilled his dream of creating a robotic hand and lets Lauren use it. Also, Sean was in rehab for two days for cocaine addiction. Finally, the director plans to do a Skittles movie, and Dieter and Anika are happily in love.

Is there a post-credits scene in The Bubble?

Yes, there is a very short post-credits scene in the comedy film. After the credits finish rolling, the film cuts to the director of Cliff Beasts 6 doing an interview with a face shield on. He says, “It’s really hard to direct in these things,” and then the movie ends. So if you didn’t stick around for the post-credits scene, you didn’t really miss anything. The film could’ve ended right after the credits.

The Bubble is streaming now only on Netflix!

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