What is Mike Epps: Indiana Mike about on Netflix?

Mike Epps: Indiana Mike Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Mike Epps: Indiana Mike Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

A new stand-up special just recently dropped on Netflix and it’s one you’ll definitely want to see. Mike Epps returns with his third Netflix special titled Mike Epps: Indiana Mike, and you’ll be crying laughing throughout the entire special.

It is directed by Alfonso Johnson and executive produced by Epps himself, Kyra Epps, Rikki Hughes, Thomas Cobb, Niles Kirchner, and Royale Watkins. His other Netflix stand-up specials include Mike Epps: Don’t Take It Personal and Mike Epps: Only One Mike.

In Mike Epps: Indiana Mike, Epps returns to his hometown of Indianapolis to film the comedy special at the Madame C.J. Walker Theatre. He’s joined by an audience including Mayor Joe Hogsett, the Indiana Pacers, and his criminal lawyer since 1992.

Mike Epps is known for speaking about his experiences as an African-American in his sets, so you can expect him to share more of his unique takes in the new comedy special. But what else does Epps discuss in Mike Epps: Indiana Mike? We shared the synopsis for the stand-up special and more right below.

Mike Epps: Indiana Mike synopsis

In the stand-up special, Epps talks about what he loves about his hometown, his parents’ legacy, his life experiences while growing up in Indiana, and how he feels about being the voice of the Black community. He also discusses the COVID-19 vaccines, TikTok dances, and problems in relationships.

The stand-up special is 58 minutes long, which is a decent runtime. Netflix gave it an age rating of TV-MA. The age rating is not surprising given the topics Epps talks about. Epps also is known to curse a lot. So the Netflix stand-up special is for mature audiences only.

Check out the official trailer to see Mike Epps in action!

Mike Epps has been in the entertainment industry for a long time and has mastered the craft of comedy. He’s not only a comedian but an actor too. He has tons of movies, shows, and stand-up specials on Netflix. His latest project at Netflix, The Upshaws, was renewed last June.

It’s unknown if Epps has more comedy specials coming out soon, but we hope he does. You can catch Mike Epps in Mike Epps: Indiana Mike only on Netflix!

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