Netflix’s Human Resources season 1 recap guide: Episodes 1 to 10

HUMAN RESOURCES. (L to R) Aidy Bryant as Emmy the Love Bug and Ali Wong as Becca in HUMAN RESOURCES. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
HUMAN RESOURCES. (L to R) Aidy Bryant as Emmy the Love Bug and Ali Wong as Becca in HUMAN RESOURCES. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /
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Human Resources
HUMAN RESOURCES. (L to R) Hugh Jackman as Dante the Addiction Angel, David Thewlis as Shame Wizard, Rosie Perez as Petra the Ambition Goblin, Brandon Kyle Goodman as Walter the Love Bug, Randall Park as Pete the Logic Rock, and Bobby Cannavale as Gavin the Hormone Monster in HUMAN RESOURCES. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Human Resources episode 10, “Shitstorm”

Well, here we are on the tenth and last episode of Human Resources season 1! I’m sad the season is already over, I really did enjoy it overall. I might even like this show a little better than Big Mouth.

As the title of season 1, episode 10 suggests, this episode is big, dramatic and a lot of sh*t goes down between the characters, specifically the creatures. A huge hurricane hits, one that affects Monster World and Earth. It causes a massive power outage at the office, resulting in all of the portals to Earth malfunctioning, stranding Emmy and Rochelle on the planet.

On Earth, Emmy is with Becca and Barry when when get into a car accident involving Doug that results in the destruction of his precious Phoenix Suns. Since the weather is so bad, Doug and Donna invite Barry and Becca to stay with them, albeit unwillingly since neither couple is happy about the predicament. Adding fuel to the fire is that Rochelle is there with her client, Doug, and she’s not happy to see Emmy.

Their fight continues as the hurricane starts to wreak havoc on Doug and Donna’s house. Doug and Becca can’t stop fighting about the crash and the car, even as the hurricane rips the roof off the house. Rochelle almost goes flying out with it, until Emmy saves her. Despite everything they’ve been through, Emmy still risks her life to save Rochelle.

Plus, Becca helps Doug fix the front door to keep them all protected from the crazy winds. Ultimately, they all work together to fix the house, at least enough that no one dies.

Once everything has calmed down, Becca and Emmy share a sweet moment together. Becca tells Emmy that she’s figured out how to be good at her job and that she believes Sonya would be proud of her. Rochelle overhears Emmy admitting that she’s always wanted someone to be proud of her and admits to feeling insecure because she’ll never be as talented as Rochelle.

It’s enough to break down the final wall between the two and they make amends with Rochelle apologizing for making Emmy feel that way and Emmy admitting to being jealous of Rochelle. The two hug, sob and patch up their friendship. Finally!

On Monster World things are a lot most intense. With the power down, Todd the handyman is called in to fix it. He’ll need to brave the outdoors to get to the Department of Energy building and reset the main surge protector to turn the power back on and fix all the portals so the creatures can attend to their clients.

But not long after Todd starts the trek to the building he gets struck by lightning…twice and cut in half by a falling streetlamp and the upper half of his body flies off and smacks against the glass. Yeah… they’re going to need a plan b.

The group bickers about who is going to reset the protector with Gavin taking charge. He’s joined by Petra, Pete, Lionel, Dante and Walter. Connie wants to join the cool adventure squad too, but she’s got a more pressing matter to attend to—more on that in a minute.

As one might expect, the group’s journey to the building is fraught with peril and bloodshed! They don’t get very far before a giant statue flies through the sky and impales Dante to a tree…by one of his three penises, and not just any penis, it happens to be Dante’s favorite. Pete lingers to help him and ends up having to amputate Dante’s penis to save him. In the process of the messy rescue, Pete reveals that he has feelings for Rochelle.

Dante also realizes that Pete is hot and ripped, with bulging biceps and a rock-hard six-pack. Needless to say, despite the rescue, Dante is now Pete’s enemy. He’s hot, he wants Dante’s girl and he cut off Dante’s penis. So yeah, he’s pissed and it’ll be interesting to see if they have a rivalry in season 2.

The rest of the group does make it to the building, but then they can’t get inside because the door is locked. No one is strong enough to get inside, not even Gavin. The only option is to make Walter turn into a Hateworm, which they do by insulting Mariah Carey. He succeeds in breaking down the entire wall of the building. But after that Walter is too pissed to help them. (“I’m not going anywhere with you people. I hope the writers kill you ALL off. Next season, new cast. I don’t give a f*ck.”)

It’s Gavin who really steps up and saves the day. He uses his literal firehose penis to put out a fire and then plug in the surge protector when Lionel is too scared to do it, electrifying himself to death in the process. Yeah, Gavin dies. Even worse, Lionel tells everyone that he saved the day and Gavin died a coward. Is the Hormone Monster really dead? It looks like it.

light. More. Will there be a Human Resources season 2?

Now back to Connie. This episode drops a pretty big bombshell: Maury is pregnant with Connie’s baby! Apparently Hormone Monsters have “unisex wombs” or something.

Anyway, Connie is not happy about this and Maury is really disappointed. He’s actually thrilled to be having a baby and Connie’s reaction upsets him enough that he barricades himself in the bathroom to cry. But the pipes start bursting one by one as the hurricane rages on outside. Maury tries to leave but the doorknob breaks off, trapping him inside as the water starts to fill the room.

Connie is forced to find Todd’s corpse with the bathroom keys on it to save Maury. If you thought she might come around to the idea of having a kid, well, surprise! Connie does not want a baby and she gives Maury an ultimatum: It’s her or the baby. Maury picks the baby! It’s actually really sad as both monsters get all teary-eyed as they part ways. It’ll be interesting to see if they can get past this next season.

In the final moments of the finale, Emmy realizes that she really has become a better Lovebug because when she gets back to the office, the tube spits out dozens of new clients for her to tackle. Will she be able to balance them all?

Best jokes and stray observations from Human Resources episode 10

  • “Oh my god it’s the perfect storm! Mark my Wahlberg we’re all going to die!”
  • “The Cuomo brothers need me.”
  • “Better to live a cuck than die a hero.”
  • “Don’t say a word to me about Mariah, she’s the only good thing about QVC and America.”
  • “I’d sacrifice a thousand d*cks for her.”
  • The “take my ham” joke compared to the other “take my hand” scenes. Like the writers wrote that Gil and Joe plot just so they could make that joke.?
  • “What’s the matter Cumbledore? You scared?”

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