Is Rescued by Ruby a true story?

Rescued by Ruby. Grant Gustin as Daniel in Rescued by Ruby. Cr. Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2022
Rescued by Ruby. Grant Gustin as Daniel in Rescued by Ruby. Cr. Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2022 /

Rescued by Ruby, a Netflix original starring The Flash‘s Grant Gustin, is a dog drama that’ll warm your heart. The story centers on state trooper Daniel O’Neil who is in need of a dog but not just any dog, one that can be trained for the department’s K-9 Search & Rescue team. Enter Ruby, a shelter dog in need of a home.

Both Dan and Ruby have been counted out but together they’ll form a formidable team if Dan can just get Ruby through the training she needs. Ruby is a bit on the rambunctious side and is considered to be a lot to handle. However, Dan’s willing to rise to the challenge. He knows that if she’s given the chance she needs, she can become a hero.

The film is 90 minutes of feel-good entertainment with an inspirational message.

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Is Rescued by Ruby based on a true story?

Yes! The Miami Herald reports that state police Cpl. Daniel O’Neil and Ruby are still working as partners. Their story begins in 2011. Ruby even rescued Patricia Inman’s son in 2017. Inman was the volunteer and dog trainer who intervened when Ruby was going to be euthanized. She also vouched for Ruby when she was under consideration for training as a K-9 Search & rescue team member.

What is Rescued by Ruby about?

The official synopsis via Netflix:

"State trooper Dan (Grant Gustin) dreams of joining the K-9 Search & Rescue team, but no one will give him the chance. Shelter dog Ruby dreams of having a home, but is running out of hope. When fate brings Dan and Ruby together, it’s their unshakable bond that helps them face their toughest challenge yet. Based on a true story."

Rescued by Ruby trailer

Watch the trailer for the movie below:

Rescued by Ruby premieres Thursday, March 17 on Netflix. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more news and coverage on the film!

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