The Flash is the best Arrowverse show (Yes, over Superman and Lois)

The Flash -- "Heart of the Matter, Part 2" -- Image Number: FLA718fg_0005r.jpg -- Pictured: Grant Gustin as The Flash -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
The Flash -- "Heart of the Matter, Part 2" -- Image Number: FLA718fg_0005r.jpg -- Pictured: Grant Gustin as The Flash -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

The CW’s Arrowverse is both beloved and criticized. It comes with the territory of being the face of DC TV. Yes, there are now DC shows streaming on HBO Max but prior to the start of these comics adaptations and spin-offs making their debut, the place to watch superhero television based in DC’s multiverse was The CW. Arguably, that’ll still be the case for years to come (if the CW’s sale doesn’t shift the playing field).

But, while the Arrowverse is named after the first DC TV series to land on the network, the start to this expanding universe isn’t the show that made the Arrowverse what it is today. That honor belongs to The Flash. This is a point that’s been discussed, argued, and occasionally led to all-out fandom warfare online, but it’s the truth.

Barry Allen and Team Flash are the heart of the Arrowverse and that largely has to do with its storytelling. Each Arrowverse fan has a specific show that they gravitate toward regardless of quality. Whether that’s due to lead characters, ships, or a gripping premise, doesn’t particularly matter. We’re all fans at the end of the day turning our television to The CW or clicking play on the CW app or Netflix to watch our favorite superhero shows.

The Flash, however, happens to be the best one out of the bunch. Yes, I’m saying this as a fan of Superman and Lois and knowing that the future of DC TV on The CW is likely to be shaped in that show’s image. But if we’re talking about the best Arrowverse show, it’s The Flash. Superman and Lois hasn’t been on long enough to qualify, it still needs to be tested by time.

With nearly eight seasons under its belt and a ninth rumored to be added, Barry’s series more than qualifies as it’s surpassed its predecessor and built a name for itself that stands on its own.

The Flash is the best Arrowverse show. Period.

Barry Allen began his time on The CW as the lovable anti-thesis to Oliver Queen. While the Green Arrow brooded, sought vengeance, and dealt with tragedy by keeping his guard up, the Flash was all about excitement, the newness and wonder of acquiring unbelievable power, and learning how to control impulses that had the ability to change time as we know it.

It’s not that Barry hasn’t had more than his fair show of tragedy that led him down some dark paths. But rather that The Flash consistently leads with love. Yes, the show’s structure has changed over the years. The villain of the week schtick aged out, it’s been hit or miss at times when it comes to the half season to season long baddie the team must face, but the show is all about overcoming obstacles to achieve the impossible.

For Barry, what pushes him forward is the love he has for his team and family. He couldn’t do any of what he’s achieved without them and his show always circles back to that truth. Eight seasons in and this has remained the case even as Team Flash has grown.

While it’s true that each Arrowverse show has a found family, for many viewers like myself, Team Flash is the blueprint. Their togetherness and love for one another shines through even in the face of adversity, Barry’s mistakes, and the tragedy that comes with crime fighting.

The Flash also has a love story at its heart with Barry and Iris, otherwise known as Westallen. For as cheesy as their relationship can be, it’s a touchstone for the show. A way to recenter even in the midst of chaos. Iris is Barry’s lightning rod and they are the tether by which this show is grounded. They’re the golden standard of the Arrowverse and they’ve proved it time and time again.

Superman and Lois is the show that will pick up the torch The Flash leaves behind once it finally goes off air (in season 9 or a possible season 10). But the series is still earning its stripes. Barry’s tale, which is ongoing, has provided iconic battles on a smaller budget with a DC character that’s not a part of the trinity and that a good portion of the fanbase first learned about through The CW.

For some fans, The Flash was their gateway to the comics world and a love of DC TV in general. They’ve followed him through his repeated struggles with the Reverse Flash, brutal run-ins with Zoom, a time-bending clash with Savitar, a Mirrorverse that upended his world, fatherhood in a timeline that keeps growing his family tree, and more.

The Flash has consistently been the best that the Arrowverse has to offer, and it’s held that position for years. It’s going to take more than one season of Superman and Lois to change its ranking in this universe of shows. Let’s get Clark and Lois through their second season before we even think about handing their series the crown.

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