Are You The One season 5 matches: A full list

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Although Are You The One season 5 premiered on MTV in 2017, people are still talking about the fifth season because it’s the most controversial season in Are You The One history for various reasons. The main reason was that the contestants went home with no prize money. The first and only time that has ever happened on the show.

If you were hoping to join in on the binge-session for Are You The One season 5 on Netflix, you won’t be able to in the U.S. In fact, you can’t stream the fifth season on any streaming platform in the U.S. MTV decided to pull the fifth season from all streaming services in the U.S. after allegations of misconduct against the show’s producers and other cast members by Are You The One season 5 cast member Gianna Hammer.

However, you can still purchase individual episodes or the full season on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, or Vudu.

Even though the contestants failed to find their designated perfect matches and lost out on a large cash prize in season 5, the complete list of perfect matches was eventually revealed. If you’re curious about who the Are You The One season 5 perfect matches were, we’ve got you covered!

Who are the Are You The One season 5 matches?

Here’s the full list of the perfect matches for season 5 via Fandom below:

  • Tyler O’Brien and Hannah Fugazzi
  • Derrick Henry and Casandra Martinez
  • Edward “Eddie” Williams and Kam Williams
  • Andre Siemers and Kathryn Palmer
  • Hayden Weaver and Carolina Duarte
  • Joey Amoia and Shannon Duffy
  • Jaylan Adlam and Tyranny Todd
  • Michael Halpern and Kari Kowalski
  • Mike Cersani and Alicia Wright
  • Osvaldo Romero and Taylor Selfridge
  • Ozzy Morales and Gianna Hammer

We also have the complete list of perfect matches for Are You The One season 4Are You The One season 1Are You The One season 2Are You The One season 3.

You can watch seasons 1, 2, and 4 on Paramount+ with a subscription. Season 4 is on Netflix, too. Season 3 was available to stream on Paramount+ and Netflix, but it has been removed. It’s unknown where you can watch season 3 at the moment.

What did you think about the pairings in season 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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