6 Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off (and 3 that don’t)

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Have you ever thought about some of your favorite Netflix shows and wondered if there could be spin-offs? Many times the best characters in a show are the side characters, but viewers don’t get enough backstory on them. Well, Netflix has plenty of original series that we think deserve a spin-off, and we discussed our picks. We’ve also shared the Netflix shows that we believe should be left alone and remain as original series.

Sometimes while watching a series, a side character comes on-screen and steals the show. They just light up the screen and make you want to know more about them. Sadly, the focus isn’t on these characters, so we get limited information about them. But these characters make the story complete, and you just can’t quite get enough of them.

Although a main character’s story may be over in a series, a supporting character’s journey can just begin in a spin-off. These characters deserve a lot more screentime and their own spot in the limelight. The spin-off series will be the supporting characters’ opportunity to shine.

Here are our picks on the Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off and the Netflix shows that don’t right below!

Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off

Sometimes a show is so exciting and engaging that you can’t imagine seeing it come to an end. A big reason why the show is good is because of its supporting characters. Some characters bring so much depth and are compelling enough to warrant a spin-off. We believe the spin-off series a part of our list could easily go on to be successful shows in their own right. Hopefully, Netflix sees the potential.

Ozark (Ruth)

The Emmy-nominated series Ozark will be coming to an end soon, and fans aren’t ready to say goodbye to the Byrde family and the fan-favorite character, Ruth Langmore. Fans have praised Julia Garner’s performance as Ruth and have called for a spin-off based on her character. We strongly agree and hope Netflix grants our wishes. In my opinion, no one is more deserving than Ruth for a spin-off. She’s one of Ozark‘s top three characters and quickly established herself as one of the main characters.

Many fans watch Ozark for Ruth and wish she had more screen time in the crime drama series. No disrespect towards the other amazing cast members, but Ruth comes on screen, and immediately we’re enthralled by her. She’s a scene-stealer, and we want to know more about her backstory. It would also be interesting to see where Ruth goes next after Ozark ends. Depending on how the fourth and final season ends will determine if a spin-off could be in the cards. If Netflix orders a spin-off, Ruth should be the number one pick. She definitely has spin-off potential.

The hit Netflix original series is powerful and popular enough to spawn a spin-off. And obviously, Ruth is a beloved character that people would enjoy seeing more of. There have been no official plans for a spin-off series, but showrunner Chris Mundy has hinted that a spin-off isn’t necessarily off the table. So we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Ozark.