6 Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off (and 3 that don’t)

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Emily in Paris - Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off
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Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off: Emily in Paris (Mindy)

I can’t be the only person thinking that Mindy from Emily in Paris deserves her own show, right? Emily meets Mindy in season 1, and instantly I thought she deserved more screentime. She’s funny, a great friend, and has so much more story to tell.

When we’re first introduced to Mindy, she’s a young, ambitious woman working as a nanny in Paris. Emily and Mindy become fast friends, and they support each other with whatever endeavors they choose to pursue. As the comedy-drama series goes on, we begin to learn more about Mindy. She’s loyal, a straight shooter, and doesn’t sugarcoat anything, especially towards Emily. We’ve got to respect Mindy’s honesty. Everyone needs a friend like Mindy Chen.

A brief backstory is given on Mindy in Emily in Paris, but we’d be able to learn Mindy in and out if she was given a spin-off. There’s some deepness to the character that undoubtedly deserves more attention than what is shown.

There are several ways Mindy’s story can go in a spin-off. In Emily in Paris, we learn that Mindy is an aspiring singer, and we see her take a job emceeing at a drag bar. We even see Mindy have a romantic interest. We could see Mindy work her way up the entertainment industry to be Paris’s next big thing in a potential spin-off. Also, we could see how Mindy juggles her career and relationships. There could also be appearances from the Emily in the Paris cast.

Although I love my girl Emily, Mindy has only gone and stolen my heart. She obviously gives off main character energy. We just need Netflix to see the character’s potential.