Another Life canceled: Season 3 not happening at Netflix

ANOTHER LIFE (L to R) KATEE SACKHOFF as NIKO BRECKINRIDGE in episode 202 of ANOTHER LIFE Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
ANOTHER LIFE (L to R) KATEE SACKHOFF as NIKO BRECKINRIDGE in episode 202 of ANOTHER LIFE Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

The day that we’ve all been dreading is here. Netflix has decided not to go through with a third season of Another Life. Unfortunately, Another Life has been canceled, and this cancellation will hit hard for a lot of science fiction fans.

Another Life premiered in July 2019 but failed to make the impact that many expected. However, enough people watched the first season to warrant a second season. In October 2019, Netflix decided to give the sci-fi series another try, but fans didn’t get to see the second installment until much later due to production delays.

Season 2 was released on Netflix in October 2021 but didn’t fare well on the streamer. It managed to break through into the top 10 list but didn’t really make a strong impact. Although a reason wasn’t given for why the sci-fi series was canceled, it’s most likely because the show didn’t gain a significant amount of viewers. It’s unclear if people got bored of the series or forgot about it. One thing is for certain, Netflix wasn’t going to continue putting money into a show that wasn’t bringing in the viewers.

The sad truth is that the second season probably wouldn’t have happened if fans weren’t as vocal and actively watching the series. The reviews were generally unfavorable, so the show didn’t have the critics’ support. The show’s fate was determined mainly by viewership. Sadly, it looks like Another Life didn’t see the same turnout for season 2.

How did Another Life become canceled?

On Feb. 21, Katee Sackhoff, who plays Niko in the sci-fi series, announced the show’s cancellation on her Twitter.

Here’s Sackhoff’s tweet below!

Netflix has not come out and officially announced the cancellation, but the streamer doesn’t always do so. So, we might not ever hear from Netflix regarding Another Life‘s cancellation. But you can take Sackhoff’s word that this is true.

Even a writer on the show (Romeo Candido) spoke up about the sci-fi series’ cancellation on Twitter. We shared what he said below:

"Thank you for making this writers dream come true and helping me believe I can do this. Much love to @AaronSMartin for bringing me on the space adventure of a lifetime! Team Salvare forever"

Were we really surprised by the show’s cancellation? No. Sackhoff had previously hinted at the show possibly being canceled in December 2021. Sackhoff had responded to a tweet by a person mentioning how Netflix doesn’t give its shows three seasons. Her response to this tweet was, “Well ain’t that the d*mn truth.” It was unclear if Sackhoff was talking about Another Life at the time. But after finding out the sci-fi series has been canceled, I think it’s safe to say that she was talking about Another Life.

Sadly, Another Life has reached the end of the road. However, at least season 2 ended in a way that could work as a series finale. Another Life is now the third Netflix show to be canceled this year. What are your thoughts about the sci-fi series’ cancellation? Let us know in the comment section below.

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